Olivia's Black Thong

A few years ago I worked in a seafront arcade. At the end of every shift, myself and another random member of staff, had to go round and Empty certain games machines of all of the money.

One night, the newish girl, Olivier, She was only just turned 18, was selected by my manager, to do the machine emptying round.

As I say, she was only just 18, and she hadnt been given a company uniform yet, so she was wearing her own clothes.
She wore a Little White, see-thru blouse, a Black and red bra, a short black skirt, and she was beautiful.

Her eyes sparkled, her lips, were red and full, and her figure was to die for......

Anyhow, She said she would go round and open the machines, and I would tip the money into the buckets (it's a security thing - so I or her can't steal any money)
I was pushing the trolley with the empty buckets, and Olivier was walking in front opening the machines, then closing them, after I had emptied them.
Every time she bent over to open a machine, her tiny, silky, jet black thong would rise up above her skirt. I was struggling to concentrate on my job....
I was awe-Struck by the beauty of this little piece of black material.

The whole experience only lasted 10 or 15 minutes, but it will stay with me for the rest of my Life.........
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Fabulous sweetie