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Dad's Penis

As a teen, i was always wondering about the size of my penis... Average or not? Like Dad or not?

I saw Dad in briefs but it was hard to tell what size. One day, he was undressing and i had the chance to see him naked. I think that he sensed my curiosity. No big deal about it... He has a penis, me too... He had already seen my teen's penis when i sought for advice about some bleeding on the part connecting the foreskin to the head.

From this experience, i knew that i was average... same as Dad!

So it's normal for a guy to see dad's penis.

Christensen99 Christensen99 31-35 12 Responses Apr 23, 2010

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I enjoyed seeing my Dad's penis and playing with it. We would run around the house naked and get hard, play with each other and squirt. It was good male fun.

i have a curcumcised penis 8" erect is that normal

Hi Chris!

My erect penis is 6.5 in. It is the average size. You've got more... so it's a bonus!

I saw my dads penis and also wondered how big everything was through his pants and underwear. One day he got out of the shower and I saw it all and wow was I shocked. But super turned on by seeing a mans stuff for the first time. I was only about 6 or 7 but made it a point to check out my 4 brothers a lot. They were all older than me and I did see theirs too at different stages. They got huge too. I knew why guys get to hurt when you kick or hit them there, the balls are tender and so big.

My skin is long enough that it won't retract when I get hard. I have to pull it back by hand if I need to expose the head. My son, on the other hand, has had difficulties with his foreskin. He approached me in the shower on morning and was hard (normal) and was having trouble peeing in the drain(again, normal) We talked and discovered that his was way too tight and hasn't seperated completely. A trip to the doctor got us ointments and forcepts that would help stretch things gently once the ointments had set in. Also, I suggested he start doing what I do every morning in the shower, hold the end of his foreskin pinched while he pees. This will cause it to balloon out some. THe urine is totally clean as well. In about 5 weeks, he was able to fully retract by hand and with in another month, it would come back on its own when he gets hard. <br />
Things like urination and ************ are more enjoyable for him now than they were. Just wish he has said something sooner.

i always wondered the same and when i asked my dad i learned i had a tight foreskin too i got cut last year for it!!

Your father is cut... He might have lived the same experience...<br />
<br />
Have you talked to him about it? He can encourage you to go see a doctor and do the operation.<br />
<br />
You're still young to do it... Don't wait too long... <br />
<br />
By the way, are you and your Dad the only ones in your family with this "situation"? What about your bros?

thanks for the repost :)<br />
no pain, or discomfort<br />
it's just waaaay too tight.<br />
my dad is circumsized so i don't know how much help he could be<br />
seeing a doctor might be the best decision<br />
thanks so much :)

i don't think ya need circ. just a little snip on the underside.

Any pain or discomfort by the fact that your foreskin doesn't pull back? No pain or no discomfort means no big problem. I forced my foreskin as a teen because i found it ackward not to see my whole penis head when erect. <br />
<br />
Can you seek advice from your father or brother? Don't be shy! Ask them... I'm pretty sure that they encountered the same situation.<br />
<br />
If your foreskin is very tight (and doesn't fit your penis... soft or hard), going to a doctor would be a good thing to do. If you're shy, go see a male doctor who can practice a circumcision. <br />
<br />
Keep me posted, bro! Good luck!

my foreskin doesn't pull back either when im hard. any ideas to help? please

I was circumcised when I was 17 'cos my foreskin wouldn't go back when I was hard. I regret it now - I wish someone would have told me if there was an option to do something else. My head is fairly numb (too much friction, I guess!) and doesn't respond very well to the usual guy stuff that we all do. I have to use masses of oil to stop it chafing.

yeah, I feel ya... when I started growing more, the doctor ended up recommending circumcision at like 12 or 13

He told me that was normal... my foreskin had to adapt to the fact that my penis was getting bigger, even more when erect (going from a tiny boy's erect penis to a man's one, it's quite an adjustement!). He was right. As a teen, my foreskin didn't retract on itself when i was getting an erection. At first, I had to do it by hand. That was the cause of the frenum tear. I must have done it too often and too hard. Not only my frenum was bleeding but I remember that it hurt like hell. I used some antibiotic ointment and in a week I was OK. My foreskin have been auto-retracting since this painful experience. No pain, no gain... but I would have done it more gently, using vaseline.