I Think My Dad Was Hard

I remember when I was very young - 6,7 - I had to sleep in my father's bed for some reason (we were decorating amd my room was out of action). My parents had twin single beds. Dad used to sleep in his vest and pants, which were baggy white y-fronts. I remember aftere a couple of nights my dad got up in the middle of the night and when he came back to bed there was a huge bulge in the front of his underpants. I was awake, and fascinated. When he got back to bed he quickly went to sleep, and I managed to slip my hand into the 'y' of his undies and feel his penis. It was sort of hard, but not quite. I tried to do it the next night when he was awake but he pushed my hand away. Has given me happy memories ever since!
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i saw my dad naked a lot as a teenager butnever wanted to touch him he was a small overweight dour scotsman who was so anti gay it was scarey but if your dad had a body like yours then i see where your going on the dreaming front

My Dad was not part of my life when I was a child. I lived with my mother and my grandmother. I wish I had grown up with another male in the house so I could have seen him naked and talked about guy things with him.

it's giving me happy memories just reading about it!!

Tell us about them!

my dad would ********** a lot, through his pants if he was in "company" and I would try and copy him much to my mother's horror. My dad was an alcoholic who passed out every evening with his hand on his **** and who regularly pissed himself in that state. He was good with me and I loved him very much .... he taught me how to ********** and we would sometimes do a mutual ************.

He loved you and you had some good experiences with him. Positive memories.

i had seen my dad naked penis few times first time i saw it did not care much just shocked to see it then after seeing it again it was wow hes got one bigger then mine an keep tyring to see his penis more na more<br />
saw him pee outside behind garage he took it out an peed walk up an he did nothing h look at me i was around 8 you need t pee he said takeit out like me i did an pee next to him but never touch his

what no dreams about mom?

Would you like to have sex with your dad did you want to suck his ****

I'd love to have done that! Still forms my main ************ fantasy, having sex with my dad. Never did though.

Did you ever get to touch it again?

No. Dad was quite prudish about anyone seeing him naked and it didn't happen. Though he once came into my bedroom to get a towel (my room had the airing cupboard in it) and he just had a vest on. His **** was dangling down under his vest and I could see his balls and foreskin bouncing around as he walked past my bed.

That only happened once? Doesn't sound so prudish...

sucks that he pushed your hand away.

Why did he give happy memories ?

I've *********** to the thought of touching his **** ever since.