Just Saw My Dad's Penis

This is weird but I think this has happened to a lot of people.  Today I saw by dad's penis by accident.  I was over at my parent's house and my dog ran into their room, so I went in there to get him.  My dad was in the bathroom and had just taken a shower.  While I was in there trying to get my dog to get out of the room, my dad walked out of the bathroom naked not knowing I was there.  Pretty awkward, but of course I glanced.  I don't know why.  I think it's a habit most guys have of sizing up other guys.

I guess I was always curious in a way, especially when I was younger.  My dad was very modest and would always cover up.  So I really never saw a grown man's penis until I was 13 or 14 when I found my uncle's **** movies.  (Lol, that's a story I'll have to tell.)  I never even got the sex talk from my dad.  I learned all on my own.

So anyway, I saw my dad's penis today.  I could elaborate, but maybe another time.

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Glad you had the chance - if for no other reason than to see what the stock you come from looks like naked. It's unfortunate (as I've said other times on here) that we've become so hung up about seeing each other without clothing - I saw my dad, cousins, uncles, and other guys naked all the time growing up - at our cabin, at the swimming hole changing, so forth. Our paranoia about inappropriate sexual contact is becoming to the point where it's overkill - personal opinion.

All men and their sons used to see each other nude regularly. All guys would see other guys ******** in gym class showers, sports teams, scouts, YMCA's, skinny dipping and all the other activities that would put guys in positions to see young kids, teens, grown men and old guys together. When I was young, almost all males had some military service, too, and it would have been unthinkable to be modest about being naked with other guys - especially friends and family members - after the lack of privacy in the service. I'm glad you got to see your father and hope this experience creates some room for conversations about bodies and nudity that can allow it to happen again and often. Since you're an adult, you could even open up discussion about his modesty and see if you two couldn't work together to get over this shyness by exercising together at the gym (with the naked showers/steam/sauna/whirlpool), going camping together, or other things where repeated nudity would be expected - and desensitize the issue of being naked. If you do have this type of conversation(s), it would be great if you could post about it. It really would be fascinating info! Thanks for sharing! Would love to hear more.

My father and I were naked at home all the time when I was growing up, so I saw his penis all the time. His soft penis was bigger than my erect penis.

at 12yo i saw my dads ****. he was bathing and i had to **** . he stood up to wash his **** and balls. i watched he was uncut i am so i ask why his looked different. he said he wasnt circumsized like me and peeled it back. he started to get hard. it looked huge but i know now we the same size 6 inches hard and big balls.

I was a teen when I saw my Dad's penis. I had just come in from outside and was walking back to my room. He had just taken a shower, and didn't know I was in the house. He walked to his bedroom without a towel; so I got a good look at his penis. I would estimate that it was 6 inches in length, very thick, and with a big cut head. His penis hung straight down over a big set of balls that were well hung His penis was much bigger then mine; The head of my penis was just showing when I was soft and barely 3 inches in length and very thin with a small cut head when hard.. I knew that I was small from seeing other guys in the showers at school, but for some reason my Dad's size bothered me more.<br />

I wish I could have seen my dad's penis. I've always wondered how big my father's penis was. Was your dad's penis bigger than yours, smaller or about the same size as yours?

When I was about 13 I had to take dad a towel in the bathroom. I saw it when handing the towel over. It seemed huge and I am sure it was bigger than mine is now.