I Saw My Enemy On Tv

There was this one girl from my school her name was Annie, I got into a fight with one of her friends and then she started hating me, I never did anything to her but she kept saying things which really hurt me and I ended up crieng.
Then I haven't see her around at school anymore, she was gone, I didn't know where she went if she dropped out or got expelled It didn't matter I was just glad that she was gone.

I used to watch the maury show, it was my favorite talk show, so one day I was watching it and at the end, they showed what is gonna be on the next maury show tomorow. They showed a girl which looked just like Annie, I just thought to myself wow she looks like her I can't believe that there is someone else in the world that is that ugly, I was gonna take a picture of the TV screen with my digicam to show my friends, but it didn't work. I didn't even think that it could be the real annie.

Well the next day I didn't get to watch the maury show and then my phone rings. It was my friend and she asked me if I just watched the maury show and I was like "No, why?" and she went like "guess who was on it today, you won't believe it?" And then the picture of annie poped into my head and I rememberd so I said "Annie the B***h?" she went like "yeah!" I really reagreted that I didn't watch that show that day. But my friend told me what happened in the show. Annie was on there because she was doing prostitution and drugs, and because she slept with over 20 guys (including my ex) and was pregnant and didn't know who the father was.

4 Months later, my friend phones me and tells me that Annie is on the Maury show AGAIN!!!!  But we didn't have that channel anymore and I was going to drive over to my friend and watch it at her house but she said that it would be too late anyways because it was almost over already. So there I missed it again.

2 Weeks later I was at my boyfriends house I was watching TV with his sister and we were watching the maury show. I told her that I know a girl that was on the maury show. And right after I said that, there she was again. They repeated some shows form the past months and I got to see her finally. It was her!!!! Annie the girl I hated so much, I haven't seen her for almost a year and there I was watching her on TV. She was there because she was being very aggresive with her mother, and because she went to Jail. In the show she said: "I got expelled from my school because I got into a fight with that one girl! but she deserved it!!"  For a second I thought she was talking about me but I dont' think she was because me and her only got into arguments we never fought physically, but I would love to know who she fought with. Well I haven't seen her for almost a year now I guess she doesn't live here anymore which is good. I hope I won't ever see her again.

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GrueneRose GrueneRose
1 Response Apr 2, 2007

Sounds like she was mean to you and others as a kind of defence to deal with home problems. I'm not excusing her behavior, but sometimes we need to put ourselves in other peoples' shoes... even the nasty ones. Ask yourself why she was into prostituting and sleeping around with so many guys, and why she couldn't get along with her mom. She may have been as big a victim as she treated you. Or she could just be a nasty little b***h getting some pay-backs!! lol.