The Ex!!! Part II always I give in and cannot keep my ground and trust my instincts!!    We aren't 'dating'   but we could practically be married if you know what I mean!?

I'm still unsure about the whole deal, and have not hung out with him alone yet..only with my friends around to keep an eye out with a few slumber parties here and there.

He sends me the cutest text messages that make me melt inside and want to hold him forever, but then when in person.. he is the absolute SHYest person in the world. 

He's told me himself that he is really insecure and blah blah blah.. but I could be too. I'm a much larger girl then the average and have many faults.. but I can still carry my own weight with a smile on my face and some confidence tucked away.  

I know not everyone is the same as me, and I should respect that, but he is SOOO shy and quiet that it makes me hate him. Is that bad?

..oh a lighter note, I think I am starting to trust him and his 'physical tendencies'!  

I hope i'm not wrong about this.

chateone chateone
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 27, 2007

hmm, "physical tendencies"? you mean he can hurt you physically? um i dunno that doesn't seem to be a good sign. but oh well, try not to hurry that much on deciding things. it's obvious that you love him and he loves you too... it's not easy to let go of love. just stay cool. a woman knows what to do at the right time. so keep thinking and enjoy things, see signs if you can really be together. then at the right moment, you would have to know what do to... good luck!