My Stepdad, He Was Naked!

I saw my stepdad naked by accident. It was a weekday, in the morning, but it was a teacher work day at the middle school, so I was home. I was up with my mom, we were watching Regis. I went into the kitchen to fix a snack and was just enjoying some alone time with my mom. When all of a sudden my stepdad walks around the corner of the hallway and into the kitchen. I was facing the entrance, so as soon as he turned the corner There he was. He didn't even have socks on! For some reason I looked right at his crotch, why do we instinctively do that?! And then quickly turned around and yelled "MOM!!"

By this time he was already back down the hall and in their room. But you should have seen his face also, he definitely wasn't expecting anybody home that day, at that hour. My mom mentioned that he sleeps in the nude, but I never figured I'd have to witness it. But I was glad I did. It was the first one I ever saw in person, and not in a text or online. I don't know if he had morning wood or whatever it is called or not, but it was big and just hanging there. I once heard my mom talking with our neighbor and I think it was about my stepdad, she described him as "blessed" down there. At least I think that's what they were saying.

My stepdad then came out with his sweats on, beet red, and said "sweetie, I am so sorry..." but I cut him off and said "I don't want to talk about it." My mom just laughed her *** off. She still teases me to this day.

But ever since then, I don't mind getting a peek of a guy, in fact I try to make it happen and look for safe ways to see some more.
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Ill let you take a peek ;-)

It's been a while since your post but I wanted to comment.

Don't be too creeped out by the comment that he might have become excited about it later.

When I was just entering puberty, my mom accidentally (I assume - but it MIGHT have been intentional) walked into the bathroom when I was about to take a shower. I won't go into the details (I did post a story about it) but I will say that I was extremely embarrassed at the time.

However, and I'm just being honest, all these years later I do remember the incident very clearly and it is kind of exciting - not that I have the hats for my mom , or anything like that, but the idea of a parent seeing his or her child completely naked at that stage of their development is very cool. It may be because of the societal taboo, but it is what it is. I was not psychologically warped for life and she got to see something few moms have the opportunity to see. Lose-win at the time, but win-win in retrospect. Just enjoy your memory and don 't feel guilty!

I realize this is the reverse of your incident, but I'm addressing the fact that people often see things differently after some time goes by.

What do you think about his ****?

I think about it alot.

Do you want him?


But if I was in my moms shoes, I can see it.

Yes, sounds like a blessed event. I would say he didn't have morning wood when you saw him though, otherwise you couldn't have described it as "just hanging there". I bet he got morning or some other kind of wood when he thought about it later...

You really think being embarrassed like that would excite him?

I'm talking about when he got over the initial embarrassment. Other feelings might have become more predominant later on :-)

Wow, that's kinda creepy. But not really at the same time.

Because I'm having those same feelings I

Were you tempted at all?

When it happened, no, shock (and a rush, from seeing something I shouldn't have) was all I really felt.

But I do think about that a lot now. Too much probably.

Maybe you should return the favor and give him a peek ; )

Great story! Something similar happened to me a number of years ago. Except my stepdaughter had a friend over as well! (And I was far from "blessed" looking that morning also)

Oh, i bet they enjoyed it, judging by your pics. Thank you!

Well, you do live up to your name now, don't you. :p