My Dad Naked

I am a nudist as you know. my parents have made it a habit of joining me on nude excursions once in a while. i have seen both naked but have to say my dad looks a lot x rated and fit when nude. that man is well hung!!!! lol . I couldnt get my eyes of that thing , lol  he looked  strong and endowd  more than guys half his age. hes 68!! sry mom if your reading this lool
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Sounds like u have good parents

do you keep your legs spread when you are with your parents?

so naughty

for an older woman, you loo, more my age, 32. i would love to talk to you more, and sex chat on here. i sent you some earliar. perhaps you would like a photo of me. tell me your first name, so when i think of you, i know what to yell. you are so banging.

Sounds awesome. I'm glad you appreciate seeing your dad nude :)

very hot

i wasn't as parents were both very consertive and raised me as such.....i really became liberated by my bf now husband of 20 years.....he convinced me to start showing more of my body and flirting....i'm so glad i really opened up our marrage and sex life....

I bet he likes looking at you too.

I am sure dad enjoys you naked also! Have you noticed him admiring you? Would you please add me?

My daughter saw me lots as she grew up. Never a big deal when she was litttle, but at 12 she started acting a bit weird, and I could tell it was a big turn (for both of us). By 14 she was quite a tease; I would be watching TV and she would come sit on my lap naked, and many times stay there for the entire show. Fortunately my wife came in shortly, and we adjourned to the bedroom before things went too far. Which was exactly what my daughter wanted, because she then got to watch the entire show. (We had a "no closed doors" rule at home.)

My daughter used to go nude with me too

Since then have you fantasized about him? If so will you share your thoughts?

Sounds like you got turned on a little by that. I think you probably give him a rise when he sees you naked too ;)

A blessed man for sure

Nxt time walk over, grab it, stick it in ur ***** n tell dad to go for it!!!!

Sounds like there is enough there for both of you to enjoy!!

Hopefully your mom wouldn't object if she did read this. Obviously she has good taste and made a good choice of mates!

You come from a great family there.

I'd be happy for her. please add me if you will.

A nice story!

It sounds like you enjoyed seeing him
nude, and that he enjoyed looking at you!

Well, a good body fathered a great daughter.