Shower View

The back of my house backs onto the back of a near neighbour,I work shifts and one morning I went for an early shower at about 8 am,it was a hot summer moning so I cracked open the bathroom window I stepped into the shower that is above my bath and began to shower,looking out of my window I looked straight across to my neighbours bathroom window ,just as I looked i noticed their window get pushed open and stepping into the shower was my neighbour ,she was about 40ish but very attractive with a good body ,I have to admit I stood back a little and watched her shower she was extreamly fit and though i had really not thought of this before was impressed on her pert **** and extreamly well groomed *****,I almost felt wrong in watching but then her duaghter walked into her bathroom she was home from uni and was like a younger version of her mother I could see them talking and then my neighbour stepped out of the shower to my utmost delight her daughter stepped in she was absolutly stunning it was a shame I was never lucky enough to get this view again,however I realised that her mother took her shower at the same time every day and always pushed the window open so I became a regular voyer until one day she stepped into the shower a little later than normal when I glanced across I realised she was watching me ,I pretenteded not to see her and continued to soap myself as I peeked back she began to lather herself up occasionaly glancing over to my window ,I watched as took a razor and began to shaver her *****,this was just too much I was soon stood there with a massive erection,she then allowed the water to tickle down her body washing the soap away revealing her now naked ****,she stared straight at me and began to rub between her legs I could take no more and began ************ ,it was not long before I *** within seconds she left the shower and within a few moments my phone rang,I answered ,it was my neighbour,"hope you enjoyed the show "she said for a second I was speechless then I blurted out yes,ok same time tomorrow she laughed,we became much better friends after this and had a long standing relationship,though I could never bring myself to tell her about the very first time .
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I can only dream of **** like this happening to me.

Excellent. Great way to meet.

The stuff of dreams ;-)

Awesome! Wish I had a neighbour like that!