Neighbor Caught By Surprise

My wife and my neighbor always hit it off great. When we bought our home I hard a hard-on the 1st time I saw my neightbor walk out in a short skirt. Apart from the occasional view of her in a bikini or a quick panty peek as she got out of her car i've never seen much more than that
On one day that i'll always remember we went over so that my wife can borrow an outfit from her. What felt like hours I wanted to tell my wife I wanted to go home and headed toward the bedroom where they were. What I didn't expect was to catch my neighbor trying out clothes.

To be truthfull i'm not sure where my wife was in the room because I was greeted by the view of my nude neighbor. The image of her dark ***** hair against her white tanned line skin literally had me sucking in air. She was completely naked but her oh my god shriek shocked me back to reality before I could take in more.

Obviously I appologizd and told her I didn't know she was nude as I was expecting my wife to be trying out outfits and not her. My wife was livid and didn't speak to me for a week - but all worth it in the end.

As I type this - the image of her nude is still crystal clear in my mind.
saruman41 saruman41
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2 Responses Aug 31, 2010

think my wife would have been the same, a you say though worth it in the long run, oh yes. Wished I had neighbours like her. You lucky b.

Your wife must have spotted your ***** and tongue hanging out. :-) dc