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She Got Me Naked

well im 16 and in foster care..i have a crush on my neighbor.well one day i was layin in my room i was ************ to her well my foster  sister and my neighbors daughter both caught me.they are both 12 turning 13 well they giggled and made comments.well for a few days they teased me about it.i'm  pretty small for my age i started puberty but im going threw it pretty i'm pretty much hairless and size well 1 inch soft and almost 3 hard..well one day i saw my neighbor lady at her pool she caught me watching her she me over .she said so i guess you like me since your spying on me.she took her top off.she said why dont you jump in .i said i dont have my trunks .she said you can come in naked .my heart was pounding i said ok.i turned around so my backside was facing her.i pulled my shorts and underwear off.then as i was lifting my shirt over my head my neighbors daughter and my lil foster sister came out the door.i frooze.i wasnt sure what to do they were giggling then her mom came behind arms still were above my head in the shirt.her mom then ran her one hand down my chest and belly to my penis.i could feel heer body against m,ine her boobs were on my shoulders as her hands got on my penis i remember her saying i had to see it for my own eyes then as her fingers got on my penis i came in front of my lil foster sister and the neighbor girl they kept giggling
victor16 victor16 16-17 7 Responses Oct 19, 2010

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So I like ************ while watching my neighbor doing something. I would really like her to come over and finish the job for me. She is mid fifties ish and keeps herself in decent shape. <br />
<br />
One time I texted her while she was apparently tanning topless. I couldn't see her but she cam out from her backyard to shut her side gate and I caught a glimpse of the white skin she was working on tanning.<br />
<br />
She used to walk around her yard in just a bikini which was nice but she hasn't done that in a while.<br />
<br />
She once came over to the house wearing a see through mesh nightie with just an under garment top and bottom of small size and just sat on my couch and chatted for a while. My kids were home and I was pooped so nothing happened.<br />
<br />
She works from home so maybe on one of my days off something exciting might happen. Unfortunately her husband lost his job and is also at home alot.

What a great, fun, hot, sexy, erotic story!<br />
<br />
I enjoyed reading it! Thank you for sharing it!<br />
<br />
You might enjoy my story about my seeing my <br />
landlord's girlfriend nude. Nothing beyond watching<br />
happened; however, I think that you will enjoy reading it!<br />
<br />
I have forgotten the title and category; you should be able to find it <br />
in the "stories" section of my profile.<br />
<br />
Take care, and best wishes, from jrhanold!

What is wrong with everbody? I hope he enjoyed every minute of his adventure. I was taught by an older woman at an early age. Wonderfull experience and it did not hurt my mind.

Interesting story

That woman is sick sorry to say, can we say child molester

i kinda feel weird now around her