I Saw Her Totally Nude .....

well , my neighbor just moved in last year......nurse i beleive, anyway she asked me if i could help her with the house ( Im a carpenter ) she had some celing spots she wanted painted , a new door in bathroom an hall closet , I did all of the above in a timely manner - on the weekend while she was home- no run-ins only one surprise- answering the door in a towel- then quickly changed - no nothing .....so had a wish that i might get to see her naked .....an boy did that come true- week or two after i worked on her house she had a problem with the hot water heater........it wasnt late so i went over opened the door and her damn cat ran outside - she loves her cat , she was in a towel and as she jumped outside to grab the cat , i backed up to block the stairs ...and thats when it happened , her towel fell off an the door slammed shut ( wind??? ) now we are on her deck outside, ( Its November in New England ) its pretty chilly ....and she is Buck naked
5'5 120 pds? smokin hot gorgeous nipples little trimmed bush , Oh My God I said frozen .....**** she 's yelling my ****** key NOOO!!! she almost started crying grabbing at the door i got a full 90 second veiw of her everything, I asked if she wanted to wait in my truck an immediately I took off my t-shirt an gave it too her - she was now sitting next to me with nothing but my t-shirt on - after about 40 min of chit chattin her mother came over with an extra key ....she told me if i wanted to check out the water heater she would ....
make it worth my while .......as she got into the house we went to the water heater an she said sorry im gonna pay you but i thought you might want to see this again , she took off the shirt right in front of me an walked up gave me a hug an said I'll leave the blinds open from now on....and went upstairs to take a shower ....I fumbled with the water heater for a few minutes an went upstars to see if she was in the shower an she was , I asked if everything was ok an if she needed anything... she gave me a big smile an said your turn...............we both see each other regularly now an hopefully it will get more serious - shes awesome
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very lucky

lucky made this account just to see this story lol


She set it up. I am positive! She wanted all of it to happen. But she wanted it to happen for YOU, so you're a lucky guy all the same ;-)

Awesome. What happened since?

Lucky Lucky!


wow I guess she knew it all along... she liked the handy guy next door, I would have happened soon enough even without the cat... she was ready

You are very lucky!!!


Ouch !!!!!! nice I liked that