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Several Times

In the house behind mine was a single mother and her two daughters. The first time I saw them they were doing laundry and I was sort of half watching when the mother just pulled her shirt up over her head and put it in the washer. She called the daughters, one my age, one older and they did the same. Another time I was floating on my back in my pool looking up at the stars. The older daughter was home from college and was just coming out of the shower. She tried to pull the shade down but it was broken. She couldn't have seen me but I was nervous just the same. I just stayed quiet because if I moved she would know I was there and assume I had seen. I stayed while she did her hair and makeup and got dressed. I think that was when I realized I liked girls.
Ashleyduz Ashleyduz 22-25, F 3 Responses Jan 15, 2011

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Usually it was just from the waist up. They also had a laundry room on the first floor; if I was in my bedroom I could look down into it and saw them stripping down to put their clothes in the wash.

A look at another Female as she does her hair and make-up....Naked (guessing you could only see from the waist up??) is Eye Candy.
I bet she knew you were looking and thought OH Yea.

I look and flirt and occasionally accidentally brush but I am waiting for a full on experience with an experienced woman who will just sweep me off my feet and show me what I have been missing.