Naked female neighbor

Someone on this site asked if anyone has seen me naked as I like to sit on my patio in the mornings with my coffee and read the paper, if the weather is nice I'll sit out there naked. I live in a town house that overlooks a golf course, there is a 30" high wall at the edge of the patio and 6' walls between me and the neighbors, the edge of the golf course is about 30 yards out and there is a concrete bicycle path about 12' out from the back of the patio and it's busy on the weekends. One sunday morning I was sitting on the patio reading the paper and one of my neighbors from a few doors down walked up to be friendly, she said oh I'm sorry as she could see I had nothing on, I covered myself with the paper and we BSed alittle, then she said I wish I could sit on my patio naked but it's not as private as yours, I said to her you can come join me any time, she smiled, as she started to walk away I said I sit out here in the evenings as well. I thought that would be the last of that. One evening a few days later just about dark she shows up at my door with a bottle of wine in hand, when I opened the door she said hi I thought about your offer and decided to give it a try, and I thought you would be naked, I said I was but I don't answer the door naked. There was some small talk and I showed her the patio and said I'll open the wine, I came out with the wine and sat down, I still had my shorts on at the time. She said this is the first time She had done any thing like this and asked are you going to get naked, I took my shotrs off and sat back down, I said if you don't want to go through with this it's not going to hurt my feelings, we can just enjoy the wine, we talked for about 30 minutes and on her second glass of wine stood up the took off her clothes, she had on a top and a pair of shorts and no underwear. This woman is in her mid to late 40's still in good shape. She told me she did her house work naked and sometimes did not get dressed at all on weekends but never ventured outside nude, this was a first for her. We've done this a few times now, she has'nt joined me on a week end morning yet but we're working on it, I think she still may still may feel alittle too exposed in the sunlight. So yah I've seen my female neighbor naked.
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lucky jack

Lucky you!

A lovely neighbour. I hope she has kept up this coming to join you.

I am pretty sure my neighbors see me naked, all the time. I am naked as much as possible. I have been looking for the perfect orchard to run naked through since I was a small child. When I see it, I am doing it...even I get arrested.

It's great fun to wander in the outback naked. When I was much younger I had a girlfriend that loved to hike and camp and if the weather was nice we would take a naked hike.

Naked in nature is hard to beat.

i was on my deck naked as allways i was having coffee an the neighbors daughter came out to lay in sun she saw me naked an coul dnot take her eyes off frist time seeing me naked her mom told her we were nudist an dont worry
soon she shed her clothes to tan naked

great story.

Sunday evening she invited me to dinner at her house, she was topless when I arived, she put on a top as we ate on her patio, her patio is alittle more exposed than mine, after dinner and alittle wine she removed her top, it was dark by then. The pool is almost directly across from her door and I asked ever been skinny dipping? It was about 11, I said come on nobody will be there, she had never in that pool much less naked, so it did'nt happen but soon it will be 95 deg at midnight here and I hope that pool will sound more inviting.

Yes, mid summer of last year I got her to go to a nudist resort with me, it's not far from my house.

She was very nervous at first but by the end of the day she was just like the rest of us, enjoying the sun on her naked body.

She's still alittle nervous about sitting on my patio naked, she hasn't said it but I think she's nervous about neighbors seeing her.

But progress is being made.