**** Next Door Neighbor

About 5 years ago, my wife had asked me to go next door to borrow some basil for a salad she was making. Mary had lived next door to us for years and we had always gotten along well with her. She was a single woman in her mid 40's at the time, but she did have a boyfriend of many years. We had always wondered why they had not married, but never asked as we figured it was none of our business. Mary was not a stunning beauty, but was attractive in her own way. She was slightly pear shaped, but was not one you would consider quite a BBW.
My trip next door was during the winter when it gets dark really early and I was trying not to fall down and bust my *** in the dark as I made my way over. I could see the lights were on in all of the front windows as I got closer to her front porch steps, but the outside porch light was not on.
As I went up the porch stairs I could see movement in the window on my left. When I got closer to the door, I could clearly see what was going on inside the house. There on the sofa was Mary bare *** naked riding up and down on the **** of a guy, who was not her long time boyfriend. I had a great view of her round *** and her **** from the side as she was bouncing up and down while the guy lay on his back. I could hear muffled moans and grunts from my vantage point.
I stood there and watched this spectacle for a few moments until it hit me who the guy was. He was someone we had met at a party Mary had a few years earlier, along with his wife. I could see the wedding ring on his left hand as reached up to squeeze the bouncing boobies in front of him.
I was almost afraid to knock on the door at this point, but figured what the hell. She was in there ******* someone elses husband, so I fugured at least his wife would be glad. Plus, I was on a mission to get that basil for my wife.
I knocked on the door and almost died laughing at what happened next. Upon hearing my knock, my neighbor tried to dismount and get up off of the couch, but her one foot got caught between her stud's leg and the upright part of the sofa. She almost did a nude face plant right on the floor in front of the window, but caught herself on all fours on the floor. The guy was laying there with his **** pointing skyward with a pissed off look on his face as she scrambled around the room.
I heard her yell, "I'll be down in a minute" as if to try and fool whoever was at the door that she was someplace upstairs.She ran naked out of my view while the guy slowly got up off of the sofa and also disappeared from view. A minute later, the porch light came on and Mary opened the door wearing a white bath robe. She explained to me that she had just come out of the shower when I knocked. I told her my wife was making a salad and discovered we had run out of basil and that she had sent me over to see if she had some. She said she thought she did, but would have to check the kitchen if I would like to wait inside.
I stepped inside the door as Mary headed for the kitchen and could see the sofa in the room immediately to my left. The cushions were all disheveled and I could see her bra and panties on the floor. I was not sure where the guy had gone, but he obviously had grabbed his clothes and vanished into some other part of the house. Perhaps he was well experienced in being caught by husbands and boyfriends and knew how to get out of sight.
Mary emerged from the kitchen with some basil and I smiled and thanked her profusely for being such a great neighbor. I was tempted to linger on the porch to see what happened next, but she had the porch light on from when she answered the door.
I took the basil home and told my wife what I had seen going on at Mary's. She was shocked at first, but we later learned Mary was just one of many the guy had been ******* while he was married. It all came out when he filed for divorce after 30 some years of marriage.
About a year after that all came out, Mary moved away to another state and left us wondering just what else had been going on right next door.
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I never did get the chance to mess around with my next door neighbor, but we had kidded around about me sneaking over to her place in the middle of the night. Little did I know at the time that she was already ******* who knows how many others and my chances would have been pretty good.<br />
She did see my nude butt one Halloween night when I was out making my annual streak around the house. She happened to be out walking her dog and her motion sensor controlled light came on just as I went around the corner of my house. She called out to me, "Hey neighbor, nice ***," but nothing more ever came out of it.

Wish Mary was next to us.........