Neighbour ****

Omg linoa was the perfect neighbour **** and she is the chick in my pic. It was not all out sex in the beginning but it was after we became close. She got me so horny when we went to sex shops and she bought a ***** and I told her would you rather have the real thing. And up in her room she pretend she was ******* and be grinding her *****. She ask me if it was normal to squirt that much *** when she came. I would ask her anything and she would do it show me her ****, I'd show her my ****. We go nude sun tanning ohh her ***** was so hairy compared to my shaved **** and I say wear some of my thong panties even though she was not trimmed. She give me bjs while tanning, in my car, in her room...anyplace. She was into anal and showed me how big a **** was she could take. We go to montreal to a dive motel, gawd she was a hot chick. In my pic I took of her I was dripping pre *** before the foreplay even started. I could tell 1000's of stories of stuff we did together and she knew I was allready taken, she was a bad gurl. Too bad we both moved outta that apt building. If u have the chance go for it because she will and years from now u will widh you did.
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Did she ever share her ****** and peg you?

It was rather bushy she say she was taking a pee and do it right in front of me. Then sit on the blanket, me in the buff and fger hetself. The foreplay was great and dirty talk always got me hard. Blowing me while nude tanning she did it all and knew I was taken. So many stories the perfect secret gf.

It would be great to meet her today!

She is the chick in my pix, that pic was taken with a old instamatic, remember those the pic developes in 30 seconds.she had no prob showing anything and was inti golden as well. I moved away and u know how it goes.

Wish i could see her hairy *****.