I Watch The Girl Next Door

Two guys live next door to wife & I, about a month ago they moved a young female in. Id say she is about 25, fairly good looking, with a great body, tiny waist, big **** & nice little ***. I had seen her outside a few times getting into her car, she would smile & say hi to me, seemed very friendly.
About 2 weeks or so ago wife had been upstairs in her sewing room which happens to be across from the bedroom the girl occupies, yes I have looked a few times. This particular time wife had come downstairs & after a few minutes she asked me if I would get her her container of pins from her sewing room that she had forgotten to bring down with her. It wasnt quite dark outside yet so was no need to turn a light on. When you walk into the room the window faces the bedroom next door & of course I looked over. There the young girl stood putting lotion on her naked body. I had a perfect view of her bending down lotioning her legs, & watching her rub between them & on her stomach & over her gorgous firm ****. It gave me quite a hard on I can tell you that. I watched her for a good 5 minutes before she dressed. I found the pins wife wanted & trying to hide my hard on took them downstairs to her. I dont think the wife even noticed. I had some very nice fantasies about the girl next door that evening.
Yesterday wife asked me again if I would retrieve something for her from her sewing room, & again the girl was standing in her bedroom naked. I watched her get dressed. This girl was definetly turning me on. Later as I was watching the tv & thinking about her, I started wondering if the wife maybe had seen this girl naked & purposely was sending me up to retrieve something for her so I could see her. Im not sure why she would do this, is she enjoying that Im enjoying watching this girl? Is she testing me? I dont know, but I find myself standing in wifes sewing room while she is out & watching & hoping I will see the girl undressed again. So far I havent.
glyder1949 glyder1949 61-65, M Nov 14, 2011

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