Voyeur's Paradise From My Flat

I’ve seen a lot of my neighbours naked…! Right now I live in a recently-built penthouse flat – lots of glass and steel – which has a similar penthouse next door on the roof, and a very big shared roof-terrace. The penthouses have a glass back wall, so visibility over London – and from the terrace into my flat (and into next door) is unobstructed. Neither flat has ever bothered with curtains, because the only thing beyond the terrace is the view over London and nobody else can see in. On the other side of my flat it’s very different – many windows in a large U-shaped apartment block, which is also sometimes ‘better than television’.

The owner next door is a friend of mine, but he lets the flat out, so the occupants change relatively often. Originally there were men there, but that changed. The owner explained to me that a few years back he adopted a policy of only letting to girls, after some of the guys semi-trashed the place – girls, he believes, are much better tenants. Needless to say I encouraged him in this policy. As a result, the place has a changing population of girls, usually students, and usually three because it’s a three bedroom flat. It’s a paradise for the voyeur/flasher. I’ll write about the flashing opportunities in another forum…

Summer features sunbathing girls, almost always at least topless. In the last couple of years the students seem to have been mainly central European, a good percentage of whom sunbathe nude.

All year round, the views into next door are great. I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve failed to see any of the occupants nude on at least one occasion, and usually a lot more than once. Before bedtime there’s an almost guaranteed show of girls just in tiny panties wandering around, and often nothing at all (in fact about four hours ago I was watching a nude brunette in the kitchenette attached to the lounge, making a cup of tea before bed and totally unaware of me jacking off watching her). If I stand in the right place on the terrace, I can also see straight down the hallway of the flat and into one of the bedrooms, so there’s a good chance of dressing/undressing women coming into view from time to time. The same hallway has the door of the main bathroom, so steaming (steamy?) after-bath nudes occasionally occur.

Quite often they seem to operate a kind of rota of occasionally-having-the-flat-to-themselves when a boyfriend comes round – I remember having a similar system for girlfriends when I lived in a shared house with other guys as a student. If I hear them in the hallway outside our flats, going out on a Friday or Saturday night, I always check to see whether one of them has stayed behind. It’s surprising how often on such ‘privacy’ evenings the sofa gets used for mid-evening athletic *******, ******** and the like, which are always enjoyable to watch. Even better, about 18 months ago one of the occupants was a very pretty lesbian (I would never have realised unless I’d been peering through her windows) so her ‘privacy’ evenings were incredibly erotic to watch, especially as she frequently made love in the living room, and had a range of different partners during the period that she was there.

My personal favourite, however, is the occasional delight of watching a home-alone girl ************, which happens more often than I’d expect. To be fair, I quite often have an idle **** when a bit bored or the mood takes me, and it seems that teenage girls have the same habit. Nothing beats watching a pretty student sitting with her legs spread, fingering himself.

The absolute highpoint of this activity – it is wholly unrivalled in its excellence! – was during last summer, when an extremely beautiful blonde girl (who I think was Polish) took up ************ during the afternoons whilst sunbathing on the terrace. I can only assume that she thought I was out at work during the afternoons (but I actually work from home, ha!). On sunny days she would come out onto the terrace, always nude, and would always first oil her body all over – enough to give me a raging hard-on by itself, as she was stunning: tall, athletic, tanned, with a perfectly shaved ***** and beautiful pear-shaped ****. Watching her oil her breasts was an experience in itself. I’d guess that she was late teens or very early 20s. The angle of the afternoon sun (the terrace faces west) meant that she would either lie with her head or her feet towards my window – on good days it would be her feet, because then I’d have a magnificent view up between her legs if she started to play with herself, which she did frequently. She would ********** with both hands, one to pull her labia quite tight and the other to play with her clitoris, and she would take her time over it… my **** was bruised with wanking whenever I watched her ;-) The icing on the cake was that on six truly spectacular occasions (I counted!) and presumably when she was feeling particularly horny, she appeared on the terrace carrying a very large white *****. Thank god, all but once she chose to lie feet-first towards me (the other day was extremely frustrating, but at least I had a great view of those breasts jiggling fluidly…). After playing with herself in the usual way for a while, she would then spread her legs very wide open – much wider than usual – and begin to use the *****. As a result I had the most incredible view of her sliding it in and out of her *****. Twice she also fingered her ******* during the process, and once unexpectedly knelt on the terrace with her *** facing me, pulled the cheeks apart with one hand and used the ***** in herself from behind – that particular view of the action made me come like a hose pipe. She would use the ***** for a very long time, and judging by the shaking and moaning when she finally reached ******, it was a very effective tool. I have to confess that I videoed the final two of these sessions (I really couldn’t resist it) – once as a ‘full body’ shot and the other as a close-up of the ***** going in and out of her *****. These videos have given me a great deal of pleasure over the last few months :D She still lives there… I’m praying that she’s still there next summer!
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round your house for coffee then , illtake the window seat

Did you ever try to chat her up?

Did you get any photo;s of her in the act?

I too would really like to see the videos, please!!

I'll write about the flashing side of this situation a little later, which has also been a lot of fun :P