Connecting Back Decks

Maybe about 10 years ago I lived in an apartment. My back deck connected with my neighbors but it winded around a bit so still made it feel separated. I would lay out nude as often as I could and never had any encounters. One evening I was walking around the back deck and thought to follow the mini path towards the neighbors side. It was early evening so it was starting to get dark. I walked over and peeked around the corner to see the single Italian Mom, maybe mid 40s standing in the middle of her living room folding clothes completely naked while watching tv. She did not see me, but I watched for about 30 seconds before turning around. She had a dark complection and probably c sized breasts with medium sized dark nipples. She had a fairly large dark bush and she seemed rather comfortable. It was sexy to see her but I wonder how she would've reacted had she saw me. Fun times for sure.
essdub essdub
31-35, M
Sep 1, 2012