The Fence

When my wife and I lived in Texas, we owned a house on 1/2 acre. There was a 6 foot privacy fence completely surrounding the property and we had woods on both sides and our neighbors house was directly behind our fence. Approximately 1/2 acre separated our homes. Needless to as that if you stood far enough back from the fence there was no privacy at all.

We have been nudists for many years and used to have nude dinner or hot tub parties with our friends once a week. Our den was completely glass enclosed and with the interior lights on at night you could see everything going on inside the house. My wife and I used to garden and do yard work in the nude almost daily.

My neighbors to the back were a woman in he 30's and her 19 year old daughter. We knew it was possible to see into our yard and house but never thought anything about it until one afternoon I was mowing the back yard with a push mower. I wasn't paying much attention but out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw someone's face looking over the back fence. My neighbor had stood on a box so she could see better. I stopped mowing and she smiled and waved me over to her.

I was kind of taken back and immediately apologized if we had offended her in any way. She laughed and said that she didn't mind and in fact she and her daughter had actually watched us and our guests over the past year. She was truly intrigued by our lifestyle and would like to discuss it with me sometime. I said that now was as good a time as any. She got excited and said she would be right over. I told her to just come through the back gate.

She was there in about 10 minutes with her daughter in tow. I had put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt so an not to embarrass them. She told me that it must be wonderful to feel so free and unashamed that we could be naked with so many people. I explained the nudist lifestyle and suggested that if she was interested she should try it. Her daughter was the one who told her mother to approach me.

How do we start was her first question. My answer was to just take your clothes off. She hesitated and then said she had never been naked in front of a stranger especially in the daytime. Her ex husband and her only got undressed in the dark. The daughter suggested we each take off one item at a time until we felt comfortable with each other.

She started by re moving her sneakers and socks. Her mother then did the same. Now we were all barefoot. I said that was easy and they agreed. I pulled my t-shirt up and over my head. The daughter removed her top. Mom unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged it off her shoulders. The mother didn't think she could go any farther so I got up and went behind her and unfastened her bra. I next moved to her daughter and did the same. The ladies. Giggled and said that there wasn't much left to take off. I told them to both stand up as I un buttoned and unzipped both of their shorts. I then pulled their shorts down and they stepped out of them. I unzipped my shorts and let them drop. I was commando as usual and the two neighbors just stared at my crotch. Your turn, I said as they both stepped out of their panties.

Now doesn't that feel better, I said. They both agreed and asked if we could walk around the back yard together and then use the pool. The mother didn't look much older than her daughter and it didn't take long for me to start supporting a hard. We all jumped into the pool and swam around until my wife came home and joined us.

We invited our neighbors over to meet our friends for one of our dinners and they showed up. The mom and her daughter have become very close and we are together quite often. Naked of course.
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Well done. If more people introduced others to the lifestyle,a s you did, things would be a lot better.

Nothing like being naked I love the freedom it brings. I often go nude in the yard

Great! You've converted two ladies!
and yes, while nudity with others doesn't usually create an "erection envirionment", that situation certainly would!

Sounds fantastic. What a great neighbor!

Serious question. Do nudists get offended at someone having an erection? You'd think that nudists would be used to the sight if other nude people and wouldn't get aroused.

being nude with other people doesn't usually get me aroused, but stripping someone surely does.

oh you lucky man you!!!