Saw My Neighbor

When I was about 17 i was in love with my next door neighbor.  She was in her mid 20's and ran a fruit basket business out of her house.  She would hire me to make deliveries for her after school.  I loved getting to go over and see her.  She had firey red hair and an amazing body.  our usual routine was that on the days that I was making deliveries for her, I would call her when I got home and she would tell me when to come over.


There were quite a few times that she would come to the garage door (where the refrigerators with the fruit baskets were) wearing nothing but a towel and show me where the paperwork for the deliveries were (although I wish she would've shown me more).  I never got to see anything other than her fantastic legs then but a couple times she met me after doing her workout in her house wearing this one piece tank top jumpsuit type of thing that was EXTREMELY loose!  Well, the one day, when she knelt down to prep the one basket in it's box, the front of the jumpsuit fell nicely away from her, and I got an EXCEPTIONAL view sown at her firm breasts with their light pink nipples, and her slightly trimmed proof that she was a natural redhead!!!!  It was so hard for me to not make it too obvious that I was looking, or the proof that I was enjoying it especially since her face was right in front of me about a foot from my ever tightening jeans!  I absolutely loved it!

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i have a crush on my nieghbor and she knows it 16 but bodily im 11ish .well my neighbor she alway is wearing these tiny bikkinis well afew days back i was laying on my bed naked ************ as i was ************ i looked at a mirror and saw my nieghbors 13 yr old daughtershe didnt know i saw her i saw her laughing her face was red i had my music loud so i couldnt hear her so i just continued i cam in a few strokes since i knew she was watching me,well for two day brittany the 13 yr old kept giggling every time she saw i knew why she was so gigglely my penis is small im just over 1 inch soft and 3 inchs hard and im hairless.i was walking past there living room window when i heard brittany say its the smallest ever mom you gotta see it they both laughed i ran off.i was sure if it was me they were talking about same ever could be anything i thought welllater on that day i went over to there house to swim like i always do and my neighbor was there laying on the chair she saw me look at her she said you like what you see .i just nodded. she dropped her top and bottoms and junppedin the pool she told me you can come in naked too i wasexcited and scared too well i dropped my trunksmy butt was too her i lifted my shirt over my head as i did that brittany and my 12 yr old foster sister came out tyhe house they got a full frontal view i frooze not sure what to do they both giggled iwent to cover but her mommust have got out of the pool as i was getting naked cuz she grabbed my hand and said oh no you dont not before i get a look she then looked at my naked body she said its so cute as she touched it i was hard nsheslowly stroked it i cam after like 5 strokes

It never fell off, it was just very loose fitting, and when she knelt down, I could see all the way down the front of her body. I don't know if she knew it or not, but I loved it either way.

Tell us, how long did it take before she picked up the jumpsuit and recovered her modesty? I very much suspect you were not the only one enjoying the situation. Also that it was not *entirely* accidental.