Her Clothes Got Ripped Off

I was locked out of my house and I tried to open a window to climb in.  The safeties were engaged so the window would only open halfway.   I tried but I couldn't squeeze myself into the small opening.   My neighbor and her daughter were pulling in when I asked if they could help.  The mother sent the girl over.  She was 17 at the time.  They were coming back from the public pool and she had a one piece bathing suit on.   I explained to her that I was  too big to get through the window and maybe she could fit through and unlock my door.   She agreed.   I helped her up and she wriggled through.   She got stuck a bit, and when she inhaled, she couldn't breath.  So she paniced and I told her to exhale and I pushed her through.  Her suit got caught on a latch and the whole thing tore off!  She plopped down on the floor and jumped up quick.  I don't think she realised what happened right away and she stood and caught her breathe.   She then realised she was naked and jumped behind the door.   She unlocked the door for me and when I came in she stood behind the door.  I said I would get some clothes for her so she could go home.   I gave her my sweat pants and a t shirt.  She put them on and ran home.   Since then, her mom and brothers tease her about it all the time.  

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I like hairy *******. They turn me on especially when i am sucking on them.

i have seen my neighbors daughter naked on the deck alot she tans in the buff<br />
i have seen her mom naked thru window there bedroom windoow faces my house an see her some times changing

Good story

i feel that her reaction is understandable.

She had an excellent tight body, and she didn't shave.

Doesn't it suck to see that some people, even when endowed with beautiful bodies are just as coy as the less "physically gifted" among us.

how was her body? hey, did she shave?

OMG! I would so want to move away!

She got embarressed when I brought it up, so I kind of dropped it. I have teased her saying I am locked out a few times and she blushes.

<i>Yes we have talked about it.</i> <br />
<br />
So what was said? What's her attitude about it?

Yes we have talked about it.

Are you saying YOU were N E V E R naked in the shower......Pervert?

Thats a story for FML