Went Camping With Neighbor

 Me and my neighbor ( my friend) and his sister ( also a friend but three years older) whent camping for a weekend.  We brought some beer and we drank and ate.   My friend passed out early and his sister and I kept drinking.   She had to pee and was scared to walk to the woods alone, so I went with her.   She took off her pants and underwear and peed.   I had to go to, so I stood next to her and went also.     When she was done she stood up.   she left her clothes off.  All she had on was a spaghetti strap t shirt.  She looked hot.  She was drunk as can be and she stood there talking while I finished peeing.

   I zipped up and we walked back to the tent.     She looked amazing but she was slurring and her red hair was a mess.  She just popped open another beer and drank while pretty much naked from the belly button down.   After twenty minutes or so, she just tore off her shirt and tossed it on the ground.  She looked great.  She played soccer so she was really trim and in shape.  I was too shy at the time to do anything.  I was only 16.  She stayed the rest of the night naked until she finaly passed out.    I had to carry her to the tent and put her to bed!

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That's not quite the way it ended when my ex and I first peed together! ;-P

What a wonderful day in the neighborhood

you're lucky

Yes,<br />
It was a fun weekend.

u r so lucky