First True Love

i saw my first boyfriend, my first love on facebook...we have 3 mutual friends...when i saw him, i smiled.  He looked so great and looked so happy.:)  I admit, i am floating in the air as i share my experience with you.  Our relationship started in high school. Though my parents were so against our realationship for we were too young then...our love lasted till 2nd year college. quite long for youngsters like us then.:)

I loved him so much. He was my world, and i felt  i was too to him.:)  But then we broke up coz of another girl, he said he was just lonely coz he could not see me for my parents prohibitted...but he wanted me back.  He asked for a recocilation 3 times...but i turned him down coz of  my pride.  After 5 years, i learned to love again to a very wonderful and faithful man to whom i am married for 11 years now.

But, again, i admit, my first love will never be replaced.  He will always be very special to me, and will always have a special place in my heart.

  I do not want to add him  as my facebook friend for i fear i might fall over him again...i guess, i should just stay away and just glance at him from a far...seeing him happy makes me happy.  I think, this is my mature way of dealing with my past.

I am happily married and he is happily married...i want to keep it that way.:)

have you ever felt this way?:) 

rockmonster rockmonster
31-35, F
Mar 13, 2010