I Saw My First Honey Bee Today

My dog has a water bowl outside the back door and i looked down and there was a bee drowning in the bowl.

I picked the bee out of the water on a piece of card and looked at him. He looked a bit shocked at first but soon began to clean his face with his front legs,then he cleaned his probocis, and his other legs.

His wings shone in the sunlight and his abdomen was moving slightly back and forth like a breathing motion.I touched him with my little finger but he was so delicate I could not feel anything.

After 2 mins he flew away as good as new.I was thrilled.

Last year was a bad year for honey bees and I only saw one instead of the usual hundreds. I hope this is a sign that this year will be a good year for the bees and therefore for us all.

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7 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Good girl, i would have saved him too !

I will feed the bees Elfinsong

I saw my first bee yesterday..there's still snow on the ground too.I have no idea what they will find to eat. I haven't seen a flower for 6 months and none are blooming yet. I also saw a fly outside..global warming maybe.

Buy native species flowers that attract bees and plant them in your yard<br />
Feed the bees cause they feed us

I hope you're right too! It's a very positive sign, I think, to see a honey bee so early in the season.<br />
Here's wishing you beautiful flowers with masses of honey bees doing there job.

I think it must be. <br />
I watched a programme last night about the beekeepers and their plight . It was very sad to see hives full of dead bees and I felt for them. <br />
They did seem to have a huge amount in one place though. Perhaps it's like when humans are together in a huge hospital and a virus will spread more quickly than if they are given space.

Me too ...I hope it's a good sign for the bees.! :)