I went to a friends house after school one day. His mother was no home when we got there. There was a large box of artists paints and brushes on the kitchen table. His mother was a fairly talented artist. Even though we knew better, Donny, his sister Angie, and I started messing around with the paints and made quite a mess of ourselves and the table. When his mother got home she was very upset. She told us to put everything away and clean up the mess. Then she went to her room to change out of her work clothes. When she returned, she had a hair brush in her hand. She pulled out a chair and sat down. The told Angie to get over her knees which she did very reluctantly. She was already crying. Her mother pulled her skirt up, pulled down her panties and gave her a dozen hard smacks with the hair brush. Then she called Donnie over and told him to drop his pants which he did and then she pulled down his shorts and bent him over her lap. He got a dozen very hard licks and was crying when it was over. Then she called me over to my surprise. She had called my mother and I was going to get a spanking too. I unbuckled my pants and pull them down. They barely reached the floor when she grabbed the waist of my briefs and pulled them down past my knees. I was laying across her knees in a flash and she set fire to my bare bottom with a dozen smacks of that brush. Then three of us had to stand facing the wall with our pants down or skirt pulled up for an hour.
Donny and I were a mischievous pair and our bare butts felt the sting of that infernal hair brush on several other occasions.
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Aug 18, 2014