One Of The Girls

As a guy who went to public school, I've seen most of my male friends naked due to the lockerroom. That's not exciting, but I do have a story of seeing my one female friend's B0Obs. I was hanging over at her house with some friends, most of which were girls, but there were a couple guys. So, my friend Karen was taking a shower (we had went swimming and, as host, she was told to let us go first). So we were talking in her room. While she was showering, the guys left along with a few of the girls, leaving me there with the remaining girls. Being the oldest in the group, I could drive at the time, and I was driving the remaining girls, Karen, and myself to a party, so I had to stay. So, we were talking for a while when Karen came into the room wrapped in a towel. I was a little embarassed to say the least, so I looked away. She opened up her closet and I heard some girls gasp. "Karen, there's a guy in the room!" Of course, hearing this, I looked toward Karen. She had turned to face one of the girls, so I could see her B0Obs. I didn't want to look lower for fear of an even worse situation. Karen shrugged her shoulders and said, "Aww, he's just like a brother or one of the girls. I don't mind." I started laughing at that, but I was kind of offended, since I am NOT one of the girls. So that's my story.
shitakelake shitakelake
18-21, M
May 24, 2012