Asked To Watch Them

I was asked to watch my buddies two girls once for most of the evening. They told the girls in front of me to make sure they took showers. They were young but not little little. At first everything was good sitting watching tv and movies.
The time neared when they were supposed to shower up. They had went into there room and had been gone a bit. The eldest came out to the livingroom and when she did she was naked. She stood in front of me nude cool as ice. I asked her if she was going to shower up and called out her sister.
She came out just as nude as her sister. I went to go turn on the water and she said not yet. The strutted around nude for about 15mins before getting into the shower. It was slightly akward but an ultimately cool experience.
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What a great story!

That must have been visually pleasurable
for you!

How cool

What hot little girls. They obviously liked showing off.

I agree I got that feeling.