My Friends Mom And Aunt Nude

When I was on summer brake before my senior year my friend jack and I would hang out at his house alot since his mom worked alot. His mom was 37 and she was what you call a milf she had a big *** and some nice big boobs. So 1 day we were at his house and his aunt called him to see if we could paint a backroom. So we went to paint and about an hour after we started to paint his boss called him to go in to work so I stayed there alone painting. When i got thirsty I walked in her house and I saw her room open and I heard her shower on in her bathroom so I walked in to see if I could maybe catch a glimps of her naked body. When I walked in I saw her naked in the shower but couldnt see much since it was steamy in there. But when she got out I was hiding by her door where she couldnt see me when she was drying off. Her body was amazing she had the best body I would ever dream of she had I flat stomach with a belly ring and her boobs were so nice and round and she had a shaved ***** and a bubble butt. I almost cummed in my shorts just looking at her. she started to walk to the door so I ran outside like I was still painting. To my surprize I see her coming outs in just her towel to give me water. When she was walking back inside her towel fell and she just turned back at me and smiled and said oops grabbed her towel and walked back inside. A few minutes later she came back outside fully dressed and said it was getting late so she gave me $50 and said I could come back tomorrow to finish painting. I told her jack had to work but she said I know I like the way you paint you paint better then winked at me and said ill see you tomorrow. I was so excited to going the next day and maybe seeing her naked again. So the next day I went to her house around noon and I saw she wasnt home so I gave her a call and she told me the door was open just to walk in and go to the back room to get started cause she had to go to the store. I then walked in and went straight to her bathroom to smell your dirty panties. I started to ************ with her thong around my **** and I cummed all over them. I then went to her room and started looking in her drawers to see what she had inside them. I opened her bra drawer to see how big her **** were they were 36c but I then saw I vibrator just sitting there so I grabbed it and I can smell her sweet ***** on it. Just then I heard her car pull in so I put it back and I ran to the back room and started painting. She came ouside 20 minutes later and asked me if it was ok with me if she can tan next the pool and it wont be akward I said no so she just took her shirt off and shorts right in front of me so she was just in her bra and thong in front of me. She then went to her lawn chair and started tanning with her *** facing up. I was just staring with a hard on she called me so I went over there and she said if I can go get the baby oil from her room and rub it on her. I got back with the oil and she told me to rub down her back. She told me to unhook her bra so I can rub it better. I was as hard as a rock by that time. She told me if I could give her a massage so I did she was telling me to massge her whole body so I started to massage her legs and sexy thighs. I started rubbing her *** and she wouldnt say anything so I just kept on doing it and I can hear her give a slight mown and could see that her ***** was getting really wet through her thong. I gently rub my fingers through her ***** and she mowned alittle louder. she turned around to look at me and since I was wearing basketball shorts she saw me rock hard ****. She asked me if that turned me on and I just looked at her and said yes she then got up and her big **** were just there right in front of me. She told me to shower her my **** so I pulled it out and she started jacking me off and then started sucking it. It felt so good that I wanted to *** already. She then told me to eat her wet shaved ***** so I did and she started mowning louder and louder. She told me to stop and that we should go inside so they wont hear her mown. We got to her bed and she got on top of me and just started to ride me. She stopped and said **** me so I got on top of her and was ******* her ***** so hard he was screaming **** me **** me hard and when i was doing that her **** were bouncing up and down. She started to scream **** me in my *** so I pulled my **** out and tryed to stick it in but her ******* was so tight that I had to finger her *** to loosen her up a little I then stuck it in slowly but the started pounding on her *******. she was screaming *** in me so I busted a big load in her ***. We went to the shower to get cleaned up but when we got in there she started sucking my **** again and we ****** some more in the shower. When we were done she told that she had never been ****** like that before and we should do it again. a few days later I showed up to jacks house and since hes usually alone I just walked in. when I walked in I heard some one in the kitchen so I walk in there and his mom was standing there naked. She quickly turned around and said what are you doing here jacks at work and covered herself up with her hands. I was speechless and she told me to go to the livingroom. She came to the living room dressed and started to talk to me about me seeing her naked and not to tell anyone. Then she started to talk to me about her job that she never has time for anything and that she hasnt had a date in along time. Then she looked at me with this sexy smile and said I heard you ****** my sister and that you ****** her real good. she got closer to me and started rubbing my leg and grabbed my **** and said give me your ****. I took my **** out and she went to work on it. She really knew how to suck a **** she was deep throating it it felt so good the I busted a load of *** all in your mouth and she swallows it all up. She then got up and took her top off and her shorts and her huge boobs and trimmed ***** was right in front of me. I grabbed her and put her on the sofa and just fingered and licked her ***** and ******* and she screamed just **** me already I cant take it anymore so I stuck my **** in her really wet ***** and ****** her really hard and she was screaming **** me harder **** me harder stick it in my *** so I pulled out and just slid it in her tight ***. We ****** for about an hour then we heard jacks car pulling in the driveway so we quickly ran and got dressed and I ran out the back door so jack wouldnt see me. After that when jack was gone and his mom was alone she would call me to go have sex with her. And his aunt we would have sex almost every night we could. That was the greatest summer I had ever had. Sex with to really hot milf sisters.
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one really lucky man.