Best Friend's Mom Naked

It was a stormy rainy friday morning (bout 700am) my closest friend texed t me & invieted me over to watch dvd's,listen to music & to stay for dinner. I told her sure,so I finished shaving,showered & dressed (put on cologne) slipped on my flip flops grabbed my truck keys & headed out . It was pouring so I had to drive slow ,but I finally got ther (bout 8) When I got there I was surprized, she opend the door & greated me with a hug & kiss on the cheek-she was barefoot & butt naked. She told me to slip off my flip flops & come in. I ased her why she was butt naked & she laughed & said I'm always barefoot & butt naked in the house year-round. I could smell something really good cooking in the kitchen I asked her what she was making she laughed & said I'm not,mom is fixing breakfast. She & I walked into the kitchen & my mouth droped ,her mom was standing there barefoot & butt naked too. For a moment or two I was speechless,here was my closest friends mom standing in front of me butt naked. She was very attractive,shoulder lenght hair,beautifully perfect perky 42DD's,smooth sexy looking legs,nice round *** (you could bounce a quater off of) & cute feet & toes.She smiled,laughed,then invieted me to get out of my wet clothes I asked where I should put them & she said follow me to the laundry room,so I did. I gave my best friend my keys & wallet & she put them on her dresser in her room. ,I ******** off my wet clothes & left them on the washer,her mom said I'll put them in the washer & dryer after. I followed her mom back to the kitchen & the three of us had breakfast

We lounged around all day barefoot & butt naked on the sofa,then decided to go into the hot tub Once there things got hot,we were in the hot tub making out when her mom decided to join us We unlocked our lips & decided to come up for air, I then felt a hand massaging my penis & balls,next thing I know I feel a foot doing the same thing, turns out they were both masaging me I reached down taking the foot in my hands & started caressing it.(not knowing who's foot it was).I glanced one way I had a pair of 42DD's on my left & a pair of 38C's on my right. Both women were trying to put their breasts in my mouth at the same time, & not to mention both were taking my hand to their *****. We stayed in the hot tub for a little while then got out. Afetr drying off then we all went to the mini bar & fixed a drink,spent the night & went home Sat
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2 Responses Aug 12, 2012

damn thats really double luck dude im sure you really enjoy that so much...

Well that is a wonderful way to spend the day. Not sure how I would have reacted in the hottub part of this, but sounds like it was a good time had by all