Needle In Bums

Needle in Bums

When I was 10, I saw a friend's mother taking needle in her buns. Actually I went to physician, he had a small clinic with A table right in front of the front door, a bed like thing with a curtain in one corner and two benches in other. I was waiting for my turn when I saw my friend's mom undoing the zip of her jeans, she pulled them down to her knees with little giggle on her face. I saw her *****, though she was hiding it but not nicely, she lied on her stomach at that table, with her bare buns totally exposed, she remained like that for some 3 to 5 minutes and then she received her shot in her bums. When she got up she pulled her knickers up first and once again giving me the view of her hairy pubes.
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What a hot little story! You obviously enjoyed it and you will remember that sight for the rest of your days! Lucky you!

yes, it was unusual but everytime I visits doctor the incident flashes through the mind. thanks for comment and rate up, I am glad that you find it interesting.