Saw It A Few Times

one day me and a friend of mine were at my grandparents place and were in the basement not really doing anything and his sister came downstairs and he stood up right in front of god and everybody else and mooned her. This was kind of strange for me because I felt there was no need for this kind of exhibition. She came back and he mooned her once again. This time I said that he should do something a little different. When she walked inthe room he stood there for a while waiting to see what she was going to do. I was kind of wondering to. He stood there and the next thing you know his pants were around his ankles and his penis was dangling there. He is circumcised and I am not so it was a little different to see his ****. Now he wanted to see what mine looked like so I went with it and dropped my pants and he thought it was quite cool, just me and him standing there looking at each others penises. There you have it.
meatballstorm meatballstorm
4 Responses Oct 17, 2010

Wow! Amazing

Hmmmm that's cool

Lovely story. Closer to the truth of childhood than most in this section.

I recall once my cousin was sleeping over for the weekend. It was quite hot so we pulled down the sheets. My cousin suggested we take off our underwear. That was the first time I seen another boys penis.