Back when I was a kid, probably between 8-13 years old, my neighbours grandson would come to stay with them every summer. I don't know how it started, but somehow we would almost constantly be daring each other to do things naked or at least with our dicks out. For the first couple of years it was never around home. We would go up to the park and dare each other to slide down the fire pole with our **** out, or climb to the top of the ladder for the tallest slide and pull down our pants and underwear, etc. Another time we went to my school and were doing the usual and dared each other to pull down our pants and underwear to our ankles and stand there for 3 minutes or whatever (there were no houses around that could see that part of the school). Then after that we dared each other to ride our bike completely around the school with our **** hanging out. It seemed like this kind of stuff was all we did.

When we got older (12 or 13) we would sometimes be left home alone during the day so we would do things like dare the other to answer the door completely naked when we came over. When we had the house to ourselves we ended up spending most of the time completely naked whereas before we usually more flashed each other.

We went our separate ways after that and never jacked off together or anything but that was a fun few years.
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That was fun, I used to do the same with a friend, and when I was home by myself I would spend lots of time naked inside and out.