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  My mom is only 18 years older than  I am, and she looks like me but with bigger boobs and more curves.  My friends were always looking at her, and she was always showing off.   During the summer the boys would come to my house to see my mom in her bathing suit.   I was jealous growing up, and I guess that is what turned me into such a prude when it came to nudity and showing off.

   She would find any excuse to be in a bikini, and would sunbath topless and forget people were coming over.   My boyfriends were always straining their necks to look out the windows of my house on sunny days.   She loved the attention.  

   My boyfriend of a few months was over and we were swimming in the pool.   When we were done we went inside to my room to change when my mom walked ouf the bathroom naked.    She just said hello and walked down the hall way.   That was the first of two times she got naked in front of my boyfriend.

    The second time she did this,  my boyfriend and I were watching tv.   He got up to use the bathroom and my mom was just standing there naked.   She had no excuse to be like this.   She just got off on it.  I didn't know and after a bit I came looking for him.  I saw the way he was looking at her, and she just gave me a look like, " so, what are you going to do?"

   Needless to say,  I don't bring home boys to the house anymore.

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" my mom was just standing there naked. She had no excuse to be like this."


My mom came to visit. And as usual, she drank too much. Well, she came out of the room, drunk and naked and my boyfriend and his friend and my room mate were shocked, but we laughed.<br />
<br />
She stood in the middle of the living room, starkers, and asked for a cigarette. When no one had one, she went back to my room, and passed out on top of the covers.

Nudy, I did that. She brought over her current guy, and I have pretty much gotten over the being shy thing and after dinner I went to my room changed and left the door opened. When he went to the bathroom he saw me standing there looking in my mirror. I chatted with him for a bit and my mom came over to see what was going on. She had a look in her eye and later that night, i said, " how do you like it?"

ha! good on you

sound like if the boy friends was willing she would have shown him a great time in the bed,

I was too scared that this was the case.

If your mom wants to be naked at home, let her, its no big thing. In fact the best thing is to be naked with her and to invite anyone else to join you.

I have gotten undressed infront of her male friends a few times now. I just moved out so its all in the past. I don't think she like the attention I was getting, but like I said about payback.

If your Mum likes to be nude around her own house thats really cool,let her just explain to the boys that she lkes being nude ,infact why not sugest you all have a naked night ,they will soon get use to it.<br />
Nude Not Rude :-)

Opps, I figured out what you are talking about. Forgive me for reading and posting when its way to late.<br />
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She never said anything about it, but I did get mean looks from her. Who cares, payback is a *****.

Them? Who are you talking about?

There is really no longer a problem as I don't bring boys over the house anymore. She can show off to anyone she wants now.

I hope for you sake that doesnt escalate the tension but rather causes your mom to experience the same feelings you feel when she does it. Especially if she noticed her boyfriend noticing you. Maybe then she will take into consideration that it doesnt need to be a competition for the other ones guys attention. I dont think that would lead to anything good. Best of luck.

I tried it last year. My mom, her boyfriend, and I went to California for a trip. We stayed at a Motel 6 for a night after a long day of driving. So just to get a bit of revenge, I got naked. My mom, always one to show off her body, came out of the shower naked in front of both of us. So while she was combing her hair, I just ******** infront of both of them, and walked to the bathroom, showered, and came out naked like it was no big deal. Her boyfriend of course stared, and you can see he was not sure how he was supposed to react.

I like your suggest too MeO---<br />
However, two wrongs do not make it right. But, considering it is a family matter, oh well, try it, it won't hurt Ladybird.

Sound like your mom owns the house, and is her kingdom. The best you can do is sit alone with her and have a frank conversation about her habit of getting naked, or being naked when people are around. You, living in the house have a right to tell her that is not accepted, but be aware it is her kingdom house and have her rights too, unfortunately. You did the right thing about not inviting guys over anymore. If you can get her to understand your concern, without anger, time will tell if it continue. Beside, you as a young adult will have rights too, like moving out. In time things will change, but for now just causally bring it to her attention.

Since I moved out, we get along great.