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Embarrassing Moments

One day my son david (20 years old ) went out with his friends , when i had finished cooking and cleaning the house i went to the bathroom to take a shower , while bathing i heard the door opened then closed , then david came and told me from behind the door " i came mom " , i told him " ok hun " .
When i finished bathing , i dried my hair but then i didn't find my clothes , opps i forgot to take them from my bedroom , i was going to call david to bring them to me but i don't want him to see me totally naked , " he must be in his room , i must run before he knows that i am naked " i told to myself .
I opened the door and went out looking around , there was a complete silence , i ran to my room , i didn't even notice that there was some soap at my feet , i slipped down , then my son came out of his room when he heard the drop , and he wasn't alone , he was with 3 of his friends in his room playing video games .
WTF i didn't want my son to see me naked now not only him saw me naked , also his friends did , i fell on my stomach , his friends had a great view at my a ss , i stood up and they saw my ti ts and my hairy pu ssy , i covered my privates with my hands , i saw them starring at my body and david stood there like a statue , me and him were so embarrased , then one of his friend came to me and asked me " are you ok ? " , " yes " i answered , then he introduce his hand to me telling me " i'm paul , nice to meet you " , i didn't know what to do ,i answered him " me too " , i shaked hands with him and that made my ti ts naked infront of him , then i shaked hands with the other two , and then ran to my room , they all had another great view at my as s while i was running , it was shacking , then i enterd my room and put on my clothes , it was very embarrasing moments but i enjoyed it .
TheSabinaDutton TheSabinaDutton 41-45, F 94 Responses Apr 23, 2011

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No need for you to feel embarrassed. It was just your body and we all have one! Glad that you were able to enjoy the situation!

I am sure that you were the hit of the day. I am sure you handled it well. They were lucky to get a good look at you.

I would love a women like that

Can I have a look, reaches out to shake hand!!

sounds kind of embarrassing! but you liked it too ! sweet! do you fantasize about your sons young friends in your role plays?

Ummmmm,,,was your ***** wet from being exppsed

Ellie enjoys me telling her which of the boys must jerk off with her in mind. Do you like that thought too?

Have any of those friends of David visited again?

Oh the embarrassment must have been killing you standing there

Great story, would make a fantastic movie scene.

Wat a treat!



I'm very sure all enjoyed it too.

You son is the luckiest boy he knows!

Lucky?? Seein ur own mom naked is
Lucky?? How perv can u b??? May u rot in hell!!

Has your son seen you naked since? :-)

i am always naked at home

Lucky them! You gave them a nice lesson in the anatomy of the opposite gender.

What a hot story, well written!

can i see a pic of you i love hairy *****

Things happen at lest they did not use the water.

I'm sure you left them all with hardons :D

'atta girl oxoo

Love it!!! Nice to meet you Davids mom lol

Cute and sexy!

Bet they enjoyed even more.

Haha amazing :D did u get any rush after that ?

Lol that's funny but still kinda hot

I love this maybe embarrassing but I like how you were calm in the end

This must have been very thrilling as well

You should have acted naturally and perhaps showed them some more. They would appreciate it for the rest of their lives, not to mention countless wanking session from all four of them.

That kind of thing happens and we gotta make the best of it.