Embarrassing Moments

One day my son david (20 years old ) went out with his friends , when i had finished cooking and cleaning the house i went to the bathroom to take a shower , while bathing i heard the door opened then closed , then david came and told me from behind the door " i came mom " , i told him " ok hun " .
When i finished bathing , i dried my hair but then i didn't find my clothes , opps i forgot to take them from my bedroom , i was going to call david to bring them to me but i don't want him to see me totally naked , " he must be in his room , i must run before he knows that i am naked " i told to myself .
I opened the door and went out looking around , there was a complete silence , i ran to my room , i didn't even notice that there was some soap at my feet , i slipped down , then my son came out of his room when he heard the drop , and he wasn't alone , he was with 3 of his friends in his room playing video games .
WTF i didn't want my son to see me naked now not only him saw me naked , also his friends did , i fell on my stomach , his friends had a great view at my a ss , i stood up and they saw my ti ts and my hairy pu ssy , i covered my privates with my hands , i saw them starring at my body and david stood there like a statue , me and him were so embarrased , then one of his friend came to me and asked me " are you ok ? " , " yes " i answered , then he introduce his hand to me telling me " i'm paul , nice to meet you " , i didn't know what to do ,i answered him " me too " , i shaked hands with him and that made my ti ts naked infront of him , then i shaked hands with the other two , and then ran to my room , they all had another great view at my as s while i was running , it was shacking , then i enterd my room and put on my clothes , it was very embarrasing moments but i enjoyed it .
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Mmm thank you for this fantasy. Nothing more erotic than a sexy mom type.

This is really embarrassing, but your son's friends lucky
Do you think that things have changed after this incident for your son's friends
add me please

I think you like people seeing you naked!

I am sure they all enjoyed it too!

Good show, Sabina. Be careful about soaps the next time.

I loved the way you kept your dignity - shaking hands, greet politely. And THEN run like hell.

now thats a great mom

Those fortunate young men. I am sure they are forever grateful. Cheers!

Cool girls. Lovely story.

haha can I see

I was not aware how beautiful my mom was until I had a similar embarrasing experience few years ago. I was seventeen years old and my mom would be around thirty nine then.On one sunday afternoon I was returning home from international cultural fete along with three friends
one American african,one pakistani and a british who all were in same age group.

Embarrasing story. Sure you made their day unforgetable.

Does your son's friends look at you differently now?

My Mum had a similar experience with my friends, I loved the fact that my mates had seen my Mum naked. How did you Son feel about it? know they did too !!

I know all his friends loved it

I'm glad you were ok! But, I kinda hate the fact that I wasn't on of your son's friends!! Why don't you friend me, so I could get a glimps of those Gorgeous Breasts, nice Plump ***, and that Hairy Puss...!

Thanks Loads of Cu_!!!

lucky boys, indeed. :)

This kids have probably been obsessed with you since then

Well, if you are totally comfortable about yourself then its an enjoyable experience.

that is really embarrassing..

quite a story

awesome story. thanks for sharing.. glad u did not get hurt, but nice that u enjoyed it. am sure they all had hard ons

Wish something like that wouldve happened to me with a friends mom!

Wow! It must be really nice to be around you.

i wish i could see my friends mom naked!

i would have taken advantage of the situation, not that you werent embarrassed, but i would have loved to have had sex with a beautiful mother like you, and i would have encouraged my friends to join in.... i don't know how your son would have reacted but i'm not opposed to anything... lol

Ahh this is a cute story thank you for an big smile to my face.I think the first boy was sincere in his hand shaking and i love your reaction too.What a fun story thank you.

I bet his friends went home and stroked there ***** thinking about how sexy you are

I'll bet the friends are still jacking off when they think of that moment!