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Embarrassing Moments

One day my son david (20 years old ) went out with his friends , when i had finished cooking and cleaning the house i went to the bathroom to take a shower , while bathing i heard the door opened then closed , then david came and told me from behind the door " i came mom " , i told him " ok hun " .
When i finished bathing , i dried my hair but then i didn't find my clothes , opps i forgot to take them from my bedroom , i was going to call david to bring them to me but i don't want him to see me totally naked , " he must be in his room , i must run before he knows that i am naked " i told to myself .
I opened the door and went out looking around , there was a complete silence , i ran to my room , i didn't even notice that there was some soap at my feet , i slipped down , then my son came out of his room when he heard the drop , and he wasn't alone , he was with 3 of his friends in his room playing video games .
WTF i didn't want my son to see me naked now not only him saw me naked , also his friends did , i fell on my stomach , his friends had a great view at my a ss , i stood up and they saw my ti ts and my hairy pu ssy , i covered my privates with my hands , i saw them starring at my body and david stood there like a statue , me and him were so embarrased , then one of his friend came to me and asked me " are you ok ? " , " yes " i answered , then he introduce his hand to me telling me " i'm paul , nice to meet you " , i didn't know what to do ,i answered him " me too " , i shaked hands with him and that made my ti ts naked infront of him , then i shaked hands with the other two , and then ran to my room , they all had another great view at my as s while i was running , it was shacking , then i enterd my room and put on my clothes , it was very embarrasing moments but i enjoyed it .
TheSabinaDutton TheSabinaDutton 41-45, F 109 Responses Apr 23, 2011

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Oh boy, perfect! What a day for those boys!! Lucky!!

The boys must have relived that moment many times. Those moments make great memories!

Wow that was hot, I'm glad you enjoyed it, but to be honest, I am sure those boys enjoyed it more haha

when will be the next time you go out naked from bathroom?

Wow, that sounds like so much fun, you would have been the talk of the Town for a whole month, poor David

Nice free show for your son and his friends. Wish I was there to enjoy this free show.

sounds like a healthy enlightening experience for all of you...;)

I hate to say this, but that is funny as hell........not to mention a thrill for your sons buddies

Very nice, one of those events a young guy will have etched in his mind and never forget. It's a young guy tale to be told and savored, and never to think bad of you.

With a body like that I'm sure they enjoyed it too

Bet you they mustve been thinking about your hot body alllllll day hon.

I bet they are still enjoying it lol

I'm sure everyone enjoyed it.

Please add a photo I would love to see what they saw

What a great way to meet your son's friends!

You enjoyed :-) ? Really ?

Did that make you wet?

mmmm hot

You fulfilled your son's desire, it is most men's mother they want to see and often do so without their mother's knowledge, this way you will know that he seen to him the most beautiful woman in the world, the one woman that he truly will love forever, and his friends will have a the greatest memory they can share with each other for years to come, He is a very lucky man to be able to see his mom and not make a big deal out of it or embarrass you by judging you, His love for you will grow beyond believe. When I reached puberty my mother never ha me try pants on before then, after the fact, she would call me to her room at night when she would be looking and watching my sister to make sure her husband didn't beat her, She had small ****, very perky, a very nice *** and bush, while I would sit on the bed with her she would rub lotion on her beautiful body. when she would raise her leg to get to her feet I could see the pink and as I got older I realized she had an ****** every time I sat in there with her when she was like that, it was always wet and when she would give me a hug good night, there would always be a wet spot on my jeans

hahah im sure all of u would remember this forever

lol well you sure handled it with class. and i know those boys enjoyed it

Would love to have been one of your sons friends or even your son

Wish I was one of your son's friends

No need for you to feel embarrassed. It was just your body and we all have one! Glad that you were able to enjoy the situation!

I am sure that you were the hit of the day. I am sure you handled it well. They were lucky to get a good look at you.

I would love a women like that

Can I have a look, reaches out to shake hand!!

sounds kind of embarrassing! but you liked it too ! sweet! do you fantasize about your sons young friends in your role plays?

Ellie enjoys me telling her which of the boys must jerk off with her in mind. Do you like that thought too?

Have any of those friends of David visited again?

Oh the embarrassment must have been killing you standing there

Great story, would make a fantastic movie scene.

Wat a treat!



I'm very sure all enjoyed it too.

You son is the luckiest boy he knows!

Lucky?? Seein ur own mom naked is
Lucky?? How perv can u b??? May u rot in hell!!

Has your son seen you naked since? :-)

i am always naked at home

Lucky them! You gave them a nice lesson in the anatomy of the opposite gender.

What a hot story, well written!

can i see a pic of you i love hairy *****

Things happen at lest they did not use the water.

I'm sure you left them all with hardons :D

'atta girl oxoo

Love it!!! Nice to meet you Davids mom lol

Cute and sexy!

Bet they enjoyed even more.

Haha amazing :D did u get any rush after that ?

Lol that's funny but still kinda hot

I love this maybe embarrassing but I like how you were calm in the end

This must have been very thrilling as well

You should have acted naturally and perhaps showed them some more. They would appreciate it for the rest of their lives, not to mention countless wanking session from all four of them.

Lucky boys ! I bet they were happy.

They went to the room and forgot playing games and had a good cirlce jerk over you...They thank your son..Paul was mad at himself for not grabbing ahold of a ***.

I am sure they all wanked a lot over you. I know I would have been throbbing there and then infront of you. Although at 20, I probably would have unzipped and said hey now we are even haha x

Wow,.....What a way to be introduced to a woman !

lotsa of people have smiliar experiences.... i was 20 when I was the young guy who was caught by my aunt

I was naked and in an embarassing situation when she walked into my room....and she juststood there for seemed like minutes but prob justa few seconds staring...then closed the door... i actually wrote about it

I saw a friends mom naked...I still use those memories. On behalf of those boys...thank you

inbox me with that story :)

Very nice. Glad you weren't hurt and only embarrassed.

Sounds very exciting, I would have loved to be there.

bet they beat off

Your queen were wety that time? I bet you did ********** after that happens

No one tried to **** you

Ah! You are a bit of an exhibitionist!


So am I, but I'm also a voyeur!

They will never forget you!

Does thinking about it turn you on?

It's embarrasing as well as erotic. It once happened with my mom who is as sexy as you are. Unfornunately I never got a chance with any of my friends moms. Can I get chance with you?

The cutest thing you said is the closing words..." was very embarrassing moments but i enjoyed it . " it is wonderful that all the five of you were in an obligatory situation to remain together in a team spirit to help you out from the situation and all of you were in an imposing excitement......
No doubt.. each one of the other four would have inevitably repeated your words, " was very embarrassing moments but i enjoyed it" .

What an Experience! And terrific memory too! Shaking hands with them!!
Thank you for sharing your experience with us!! Brought a smile to me as I read and imagined the scene.

Would love to see your bushy beaver, Sabina.

Thanks for hearting my response, Sabina. Any chance of getting lucky with seeing your bushy beaver ???


Thanks, you won't post them on EP, so can I expect them by mail ??? I would love to see it, I am such a sucker for bushy beavers. Thanks again. Hugs & Kisses

Hi Sabina, I am still hoping ???

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Mmm thank you for this fantasy. Nothing more erotic than a sexy mom type.

This is really embarrassing, but your son's friends lucky
Do you think that things have changed after this incident for your son's friends
add me please

I think you like people seeing you naked!

I am sure they all enjoyed it too!

Good show, Sabina. Be careful about soaps the next time.

I loved the way you kept your dignity - shaking hands, greet politely. And THEN run like hell.

now thats a great mom

Those fortunate young men. I am sure they are forever grateful. Cheers!

Cool girls. Lovely story.

haha can I see

I was not aware how beautiful my mom was until I had a similar embarrasing experience few years ago. I was seventeen years old and my mom would be around thirty nine then.On one sunday afternoon I was returning home from international cultural fete along with three friends
one American african,one pakistani and a british who all were in same age group.

Embarrasing story. Sure you made their day unforgetable.

Does your son's friends look at you differently now?

I know all his friends loved it

I'm glad you were ok! But, I kinda hate the fact that I wasn't on of your son's friends!! Why don't you friend me, so I could get a glimps of those Gorgeous Breasts, nice Plump ***, and that Hairy Puss...!

Thanks Loads of Cu_!!!

lucky boys, indeed. :)

Well, if you are totally comfortable about yourself then its an enjoyable experience.

that is really embarrassing..

quite a story

awesome story. thanks for sharing.. glad u did not get hurt, but nice that u enjoyed it. am sure they all had hard ons

Wish something like that wouldve happened to me with a friends mom!