Some Kid Was Watching My Mom In The Toilet and Also Stoll Her Thong

Well, he wasn't my friend or anything, but here goes the story.. I was at a hotel in Spain.. My mom is only 34 years old, she had me when she was only 15.. I never met my dad, but i've lived a good life because my mom has a good job and her parents (my grandparents) have a lot of money aswell (not to brag but just so you know).. We've been living in Geneva (Switzerand) for the past 8 years.. I've been tolld by some people that my mom is good looking,. She was raised in Arkansas (USA) but she is 100% Irish ... She has long blonde hair, and blue eyes.. She is 1.75m tall (5'9) and 57kg (125 lb).. She is suntanned.. She has a perfect figure.. She's got a piercing in her belly button.. Her teeth are perfect.. Her breasts are big artificial implants.. I don't know what size they are, but they look about 36DD.. She also has a tattoo with the playboy logo in the low part of her back (just above her a*ss).. Anyway, we were staying at a hotel in Spain for 11 days.. There weren't many people in the hotel.. We were both sunbathing by the pool.. Apart from us, the only people who were sunbathing was this old couple, 2 middle aged women in the pool, and a middle aged couple.. We were lying in some hamocks quite close to the old couple.. My mom was sunbathing with sunglasses, topless, and with a white thong.. Anyway, at one point my mom stood up and bent over searching for something in her bag.. When I saw her a*ss in my face, I logically turned in the other direction so that I didn't have to look at it.. But when I faced the other direction, I noticed the old man staring right at my moms a*ss.. It made me feel uncomfortable, so what I did was stand up in front of my mom till she was done searching for whatever she was looking for (as if trying to block the old mans view) He then stared into my eyes, almost as if saying "why are you doing this? get out of my way" (this here is the funny bit of the story, the real perverted part comes now) Anyway, at one point my mom said "brb i'm going to the bathroom" so she went to this bathroom thats close to the pool.. I felt like going too, so I followed her there.. I went to the mens bathroom, she went to the womans bathroom.. When I was done, I went outside the mens bathroom and I stood outside the womens bathroom to wait for her.. When I was waiting, I saw this fat gypsie-looking kid (i got nothing against gypsies, just telling you so you can picture the kid) that looked about 13, and he went into the womens bathroom.. I thought he got mistaken, so I went in to tell him that it was the womens bathroom.. But when I went in I saw him looking over one of the bathrooms (its one of these bathrooms which are open at the top).. He got his mobile phone out and he recorded a video (I know it was a video and not a picture because he held his phone up for quite a while).. Then he left.. I then waited outside the bathroom to tell that woman (didn't know who it was) what that kid had done.. There was a smell of s*hit coming out of her bathroom, so obviously she was taking a s*hit.. Then when she came out, I couldn't believe it, it was my mom.. That fat kid had recorded a video of my own mom, practically naked, while she was taking a s*hit.. I didn't tell my mom what that kid had done coz it would have been akward for me..
On the 5th day that we were there, we were in the gym.. I was lifting weights, she was on the running machine.. When she finished, she went to he showers.. Shortly after I was done in the gym, but I decided I would shower in the hotel room instead of in the gym showers.. The only people there were me & my mom, and I was just waiting for her outside (she had the card to open the room in her bag so I had to wait till she was out).. Then I saw that same fat kid that walked into the womens bathroom the other day going into the womens showers.. I didn't say anything coz the showers were completely closed, so he would just see that he can't see my mom naked and walk straight out.. 2 min later he walked out, and I thought to myself  "Just like I imagined".. But afterwards when my mom came out she said "Somebody stoll my dirty underwear.. I put my clean cloth on, and when I was gonna put the dirty cloth in the bag I noticed my underwear wasn't there".. I was trippin' out, that kid had taken the thong my mom was wearing while working out in the gym and was probly having a sniff of it.. She then asked me "Did you see anybody going in there?" and I had to tell her he truth.. We then tolld the receptionist about it and she checked on her computer to see what room that kid was in, to complain to his parents.. But it turned out I was the youngest person staying in the hotel atm (I'm 19).. That kid I saw looked about 13, so he was obviously not at the hotel.. The receptionist said that he was probably sneaking in from outside.. Anyway, on the 8th day that we were there we were sunbathing by the pool, and the only people there were me, my mom, and the same old couple that I tolld you about before.. My mom was sunbathing topless and with a thong, and at one point she said "I'm gonna go for a swim" so she walked to the shower before jumping in the pool (the pool showers..its compulsory to take a quick shower before jumping in) but the thing is, to get to the shower she had to walk past the old couple.. His wife was lying back on her hamock sunbathing with her eyes closed, while the man was sitting up on his hamock just looking around.. When he saw my mom was gonna walk past him, he looked into my eyes first, and I thought "why is he staring at me like that?" and then my mom was starting to walk past him and he stared at her from the front, then from the side, and finally as she walked off, from the back. So basically he got a good view of her t*its, her figure, and her a*ss, and what he did afterwards was stare back at me in the same manner as he did before, as if he was telling me "I check your mom out right in front of you, and you can't do anything about it"..
On day 9, we were sunbathing by the pool (just like every day) and that kid turned up again.. This time he kept on walking up and down passed the place that we were lying down.. my mom sunbathes topless, and the kid was looking at her t*its all te time.. I tolld my mom that was the kid that stoll her underwear, so she got up, put her heels on, put her bikini top on, and started walking towards reception to tell about that kid.. As she was only wearing sunglasses, a bikini top, and a thong, the kid followed my mom all the way to reception.. He was checking her out closely as they both walked, and ocasionally he said some things, but we didn't understand him.. My mom just kept on walking, feeling uncomfortable, but trying to ignore the kid. As she got close to reception, the kid realised that she was going to tell on him, so he started running to leave the hotel.. My mom run aswell, to get to reception before the kid had time to leave the hotel.. She couldn't run that fast coz she was wearing heels, but she got to reception fast enough to point out the kid before he left.. The receptionist tolld him that if he came into the hotel again, she would call the police.. I'm sure that scared him, coz on the days remaining we didn't see him anymore..
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Your mommy sounds HOT!

Thanks for sharing, but you spell "stole" and not "stoll" just so u know =P

I want to get watched in the toilet

mam if i were would not have any worries