Tied Up

Every day i went to school to school i would see the 2 guys that double teamed my girlfriend ever since the night i introduced her to them
I broke up with her the day i found out about how shed been sleeping over at both of their houses and houses of their friends... and immediately after we ended she turned into their *****
I got in trouble at my school one day for cutting the class i had with those two guys because they spent the whole period describing how deep they put theyre **** down her throat or how theyre black friend ****** her *** for the first time, and she still hasnt been able to sit right...
I sat in the school office, waiting for my mom to come and have this meeting with the principal (i told the principal about how the guys would bully me about her in confidence...), my mom walked into the office, shes 5'6", 41 years old, pale white skin, black hair and brown eyes, 150lbs, thick legs and fat butt, 36 c, her butt jiggles when she walks around... My mom was wearing a tang top, w the tops of her huge pale **** bouncing around in her push up bra with each step, and a pair of thin spandex shorts, practically see through to her pink g string thong. I could tell she just broke a sweat and soon she told me she just got back from the gym.
We stepped into the principals office and to my horror i saw Dylan and Jake sitting at the table, eyes racing all over my moms gleaming body. The principal said that he thought we could come to a solution together, the two of them kept their eyes on my moms cleavage. Jake proposed that the two of them could sleep over at my house to work things out. Before i could say a word my mom quickly responded "That sounds like a perfect idea, tomorrow night works best"
I put my head down, sick of looking at the grins on their faces, and the even more humiliating smile on my moms face.
The night finally came, my mom was wearing a loose tang top that completely exposed her ****, especially since she forgot her bra. she wore small boys boxer briefs, the bottoms of her *** cheek where stretching them to the limit.
There door bell finally rang and i was shocked to see they brought their black friend Tyler with them
"Dammm" ty yelled looking at my moms ***
She blushed, "welcome to our house" she said.... All of them suddenly got very close to her, jake slapped her *** so hard she yelped. "you know you love it" he said, my moms ***** was making the briefs darker and darker. I ran to try to hit him but Tyler grabbed me on both arms, and pulled out a rope from his back pocket... He forced me into a chair and tited me up, facing everything
My mom moved at first to help me out, but after seeing tyler pull out the biggest **** i've ever seen in my life she froze
Jake and Dylan ripped off her clothes, my little **** was rock hard...
Jake came over, with his pulsing **** right by my face, "Your moms gonna get this **** ***** boy" he started slapping my face w his 7 inches, i was so humilated i took it, saying nothing, just looking at him in the eyes
Dylan and tyler were laughing , my mom already on her knees... Soon all three of them were face ******* my mom until she gagged so hard tears came to her eyes, but you could tell she loved every minute of it
They yelled to me the whole time, making her lick their balls, and then make me say "my mom loves sucking your balls sir"
Soon they had her on all fours, Dylan holding her throat balls deep on his ****, Jake underneath her spreading her tight shaved ***** apart, and Tyler stretching her ******* so bad she screamed... She came over and over again, her legs shook violently in pleasure.... They all took turns taking her butt until they all finished inside it.
They took pictures of her naked with her face down and butt up, *** drizzling and gushing from her butt down her raw and used *****
Finally they had her push all of *** in my moms *** into the glass my mom and dad drank from together at their wedding, and video taped me drinking it
They took her upstairs from the rest of the night
i only heard the noises from downstairs, tied up on the chair, by the way it sounded i could tell not only were they all huge, they were rough... Slapping, moaning and my mom screaming thank you sir after each fowl word they called her
They came down stairs the next morning and my mom served them all breakfast naked. Her pale white skin was covered w red hand prints on her *** cheeks and ****, and she wobbled with every step. She gave a farewell ******* for all of them (i was forced to stay tied, and my mom fed me while Jake slammed her from behind...)
Now i hear theyre going to invite my ex next time... (to be continued)
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what a dunny you are? you should have joined them! idiot!