The Last Call

8th november 2011.

Me and a workmate are working at a toll station close to my home town.. it's a bit stormy ..
I hear my phone ring in the car- *doh* busy at the moment can't answer it ): ..

30min later-

A car is coming close very fast- way too fast for the curve infront of the station..
Like 50 meters away the car breaks out, driver lost controll and crashes against the station

First we are shocked. Then everything happens very fast- my workmate Andy calls emergency hotline whilst i run over to the car.. what a mess.. everywhere pieces of the car..
The car itself look like a crushed tin..

I slow go closer to the car, always aware.. "hey you alive?" i shout.. no answer.
I see the driver- a woman- i think.. hard to tell with all the blood and "deformation"..

Try to open the door.. doesnt work.. would have wondered if.
Checking the persons puls.. non- ****
Andy appears next to me, helps me trying to break open the door.. no chance still...

God my hands full with that persons blood.. my cloths aswell..

I hear sirens and see firefighters arive..

Firefighters break the door with their tools and free the lifeless body, try to revive her but its too late.. Deadly silence over the place.. noone is moveing.. only the noise of wind..

Then the ambulance arrives and sets the dead body on a bar..
I see something shining falling off her hand.. crouch and pick it up..

A small silver bracelet, with 3 letters engraved: L&S combined (may upload a picture of it if i can).

I see it.. world start spinning around me.. is warping.. suddenly recognise the car, the panda-pet which lies infront of me, the cloths the body wears..

Everything seem unreal.. way too sharp but same time overcolored.. feeling very dizzy.. start shake and try to make a step.. falling over..

Andy caught me out of midair, lay me on the ground, asking whats wrong.. one of the ambulance runs over wanting to help.. i stare at the bracelet in my hand.. Andy looks at it, asks what is wrong with it.. then he sees the bracelet which i wear.. A silver bracelet with 3 letters engraved..

What noone noticed was that car, which turned right after the crash and drove away fast..

When i was home later on (had to come to hospital for a check up) i checked my phone.. sabrina called me and messaged me.. Her ex-boyfriend found out, that she left him because of a girl.. me. He hunted her untill the toll station. On phone she asked for my help and what she should do..

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4 Responses Sep 7, 2012

I can not begin to imagine what you went through that night. My heart does go out for you. I don't have any answers why it happened like it did.
But you have to go on with your life.
I may not have the answers, but I do have two eyes to read what you write.
Good luck to you.

Thank you

You are very welcome. I wish I had the words to help you. But if you do want to ever talk, I will listen to you. And will
Respond back to you.

Oh honey, I'm so sorry. Did they catch him. I hope he's in jail forever.

yes they caught him.. idont know what happend to him now and idont care.. the damage is done

well.. family..- my parents call me dead, my grandparents are dead, only my granny left. and friends.. my friends died- sabrina last year, and my other friend a year ealier.. but thanks :3

:' (