I Watched My Parents Have Sex And Enjoyed It

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I have read many stories on here which appear to be fiction. My story is true, and I would like to share it with people here.
My parents had a very active sex life prior to my birth. They were and remain very much in love. My Dad told me that when my mother was pregnant with me she did not permit him to have sex with him, and he felt neglected. He supported her through her pregnancy, but it was a hard time. My mother promised him that she would make it up to him and would never stop him from having sex with her once I was born. She wanted a child, and though he was happy with me, it was definitely not a priority for him to become a father, but he agreed because it was what she wanted.
Anyway, after I was born, my father recently told me that he felt neglected immediately after my birth because he was still unable to have sex for the first 40 days, and as my mother breastfed me, and brought me into their bed, he felt he was losing her. He was unable to suck her breasts but seeing me do it every night made him jealous. He told me all this when I was about to become a father myself and was concerned how my wife might change and whether she would be interested in having sex.
He said that the sex does start to happen again but it can be a while & people have to control their feelings. When he said that, I knew what he was talking about. I slept with my parents until I was around three and I remember he was always eager for me to go to sleep while my mother read to me or played with me. He was a great Dad, but I always wondered why he would want me to sleep so early. He was also the one who insisted I have my own room. I still slept with them in their room on and off until I was seven, and during this period I noticed some things that only in later years made sense.
In the years I slept there, sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and I would cry (if I was sick). Whenever my mother got up I noticed she would put on a a gown or would run down while putting one on. When I was very young, I didn't really care, but when I was around five, I would say things like "I can see your butt Mum", in all innocence. My Dad told me recently that those comments cost him some nights of sex because mum felt embarrassed, and she thought the sex was inappropriate, but she eventually gave into her carnal urges willingly. She insisted I continued to sleep in their room, though and around the same time, I would sometimes hear weird sounds coming from my Mum. It was almost as if she was in pain or was suffering. They were sounds of moaning but they always stopped after a while. My mother used to get headaches a lot and I always assumed she was just moaning because it was a particularly bad headache. I never enjoyed those sounds.....until much later.
The sounds were frequent and I think enquiring about them inadvertantly lead to me getting my own room. I remember I told my Mum one night that i could hear her suffering from her headaches. I also recall mum and Dad looking at each other in a concerned way. I was about 6 and they had a discussion after I slept and I heard them talk about my own room. That weekend my Dad started fixing up another room, and I was to sleep there from now on. I did not like it at first but eventually I got used to it. All my stuff was there, I could stay up reading and I felt independent. In fact, after that, whenever I slept in their room (when I was sick or something), it was just not the same. I couldn't wait to go to my room and read.
When I was around 8, kids at school made jokes about kissing girls and sex etc. I still didn't get it. It sounded wrong, almost as bad as smoking and violence because it had a similar social connotation.
Anyway, when I was 11, it all started. A boy in my class brough in a magazine. It had a picture of Kathleen Turner and she was wearing very little. Not one of us said anything but we kept turning back to that page. I guess we all got aroused but did not know how to express ourselves. The same boy later brought in a copy of a magazine he said he found under his uncle's bed. It was a soft **** magazine, very tame by today's standard (I was born before the online age, so the only nudes you saw were in **** magazines, or if you stayed up late enough to catch a movie on tv that had sex scenes). The magazines kept coming and we got interested in girls. We started talking about their shape and prettiness and what it would be like to kiss girls. On my 12th birthday my father took me to see Batman Returns and life changed. I saw Michelle Pfieffer in that catsuit and i thought about it for days. I was curious about sex and wanted to ask my Dad about it. My father was an intellectual. He was educated, and very much a non-conformist. He was cool, compassionate and also loved the arts. You could say I kind of worshipped him, and he was always so patient and very willing to answer any of my questions. Anyway, in the days following watching the Batman movie, I hung around him, trying to get him to talk about sex. I initially talked about kissing and getting married, and some days I would just sit in his room and sort of hope he would ask me what the matter was. He did one day, and we had 'the talk'. I asked him what sex was and he told me that it was an acitivity that adults engage in for pleasure and procreation. He told me that children are born through sex, but it is also an enjoyable activity. He also told me about the precautions one must take. I was curious and asked him how sex felt, and how I didn't know why I feel like licking a woman's bare breasts. He told me about adolescence and told me that the time will soon come when I will start dating. He told me not to worry about it. He said things happen in good time, and I had my whole life to explore. His words were full of compassion and I was very happy to hear it.
However, the next day I asked him about his sex life. I was young then, and I would never have asked him the questions I asked then. He was very reluctant to answer the questions, saying it was inappropriate, but there was the acknowledgement that he and mum obviously had sex.
Two days later, he told me more stuff as I was too inquisitive. He told me he often spanks my mothers and enjoys dominating her. He told me that he likes her to dress up, and he sometimes ties her up, spanks her and on days they have arguments he ***** her in the *** to show her her place. I was quite surprised. He said he loved my mother, and she loved him, but she is completely obedient. I found all these revelations quite interesting since my mother is a typical Pakistani woman who never dresses sexy and always wears traditional clothes. If I didn't know better, I would have thought she was not even interested in sex. My Dad told me he often tells her to pee in fron of him and said that once women are really aroused you can do anything because there comes a point when they become insatiable. Further to this, he revealed that, although he loved me very much and I was a planned child, she wanted a baby far more than he did. When she got pregnant, she told him she was afraid that sexual activity may cause a miscarriage, and though evidence to the contrary, she continued to deny him because village girls tend to believe what their parents tell them. She felt bad about denying him and she told him she would never deny him sex again, and he made her promise that she would permit him to do anything he wanted. This is true. He said he was sceptical at first, but she kept her word. He often told her to sleep in the nude, and up to the point I was two, she was always in the nude, though if I ever woke them up, she put on her gown. I asked him about breastfeeding and he said that he continued to milk her and to this day she is lactating. I didn't believe that but he said it turned him on. He said he loves milking her like a cow. I got really turned on when I heard that. Today people have the internet and they could see sexy films r pictures, but in those days where you couldn't find photos, your imagination had to do the work. He told me about her swollen nipples during pregnancy and how every night he squeezes them. I asked him why they continued to have sex, now that they already have kids. He said it was something fun to do. I asked him if mum felt the same way. He said yes, and insisted it was healthy for consenting adults to have sex. My Dad was in his early forties and my Mum was 18. She had lost a lot of weight, which I later discovered was because my Dad liked her to look good. After I was born, she gained some weight and he insisted she went on the treadmill, and kept in shape. He weight did fluctuate, and she was not stick thin. She was a full figured woman but not fat. She had a toned stomach and a protruding arse, about which I joked when I was a kid. I used to say, "I can see your butt, Mum". Now when I saw her I wish I could see her naked butt and hips. My mother is Asian. She was born in Pakistan. She was a village girl and a very modest woman. Prior to my discussion with Dad I couldn't even imagine my Mum having sex. It was unthinkable, but now as I sat in the dining room, having my breakfast, I would look at her in her thick towel robe. I saw her sexually. Every breath she took reminded me of the moans my Dad told me about. I often wondered if she had sex the night before or if she was wearing anything underneath. Once, I dropped a piece of toast by hear feet and looked up her robe. It was dark and I saw nothing but I dropped the toast a few times. She, in her innocence, never figured I was trying to see her c.u.n.t. Sometimes I would ask her to tie up my laces so as she crouched down I tried to get a glimpse of her cleavage, and sometimes i tried to see if she had a bra on. Usually I couldn't tell but getting her to tie my laces was sort of having a little control over her. In my mind, I was saying "suck my c.o.c.k b.i.t.c.h". It was funny but I felt an urge to get her robe off and demand she showed me everything. She was my Mum, she may have done that. It was during this phase I discovered m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.tion. I had a tv in my room when I got to twelve. My parents said I cannot swatch anything beyond 10pm, but most kids don't give a damn about that sort of thing. I used to stay up, turn off the sound and watch movies. One times, I saw a film with a sex scene in it. I turned up the sound, and the woman made the most extraordinary sounds. My mother's nocturnal headaches from the time I slept in their room were fully explained. I thought to myself that, short of having sex with my mother, the next best thing would be too see her get ******. I initially started by opening my door after they went to bed. I would creep up and listen outside their doors. I never heard a thing. Often they just talked about work, bills, appointments, domestic things, and family. I got bored and went to bed. Obviously I was not going to hear them, or could I? One night I found an excuse to sit in their room, and I took a tape recorder there, covered it in several towels (so they wouldn't hear it click, when the tape stopped), and also put in an external mic there. The cool thing was, my Dad was a musician so he has mics and stuff, and I used one of his. They never saw me plant the stuff because I said I needed to be in their room to draw something i could see from their wondow. I got there before them, rigged the recorder and then drew a bird outside. They came in much later and I stayed in the room for as long as I could. I wanted to go as late as possible so they would get to sex more quickly after I left (I figured if I went late, they won't talk for as long because I stayed in their room for the whole time they would usually talk). They found my behaviour odd, but charming as I dug out an old board game and played with them, and I begged them to let me watch the same Batman movie on VHS (it was new then). When it finished my Dad went to the loo and when my mother's attention was elsewhere, I started to record. I left the room, and waited with baited breath. The night seemed to last forever. I had to use photos of Sharon Stone to relieve myself that night, but after my parents got up, I went down to their oom to retrieve my recording. Disappointment hit me. They seemed to have gone straight to bed. I even heard my mum snore. Hardly a turn on.i did this twice again, with the same results, but by this point my parents seemed to be getting a bit suss that I was spending all this time in their room. They never figured what I wanted, but as I was not getting any results, I gave up, forgot about sex, and got to the age of thirteen.
Now, the boys in the school were talking about sex a lot more. Even some girls were and there were even rumours of who was doing who. My interest got rekindled, and I thought to myself, by hook or by crook I am going to see my mother being rammed.
Occasionally, when I had been sick in the past, my parents would let me sleep in their room. Admittedly the last time that happened was when I got the measles when I was 11, but I knew I had to find some ailment that could last several days. I had it, I sprained an ankle and couldn't go upstairs to sleep in my room (I slept in the attic). My mother, in her innocence said we bring the mattress down so she could sleep on the floor. That's the last thing I wanted so I told her I wanted to sleep on the floor. My mum would go to the bedroom before me and Dad. I had hoped to get their before to see her undress, but when I got there, she was on the phone to her sister for like an hour. She then went to the bathroom, and to my disappointment, came back wearing her night clothes. I could see the outline of her bra, and again, I wanted some control over her so I told her to take off my shoes. One good thing about Pakistani women is that they are obedient and she did as I asked. My Dad came in and he was also wearing his night clothes. We all talked for a little while and then Mum said goodnight. They switched off the light. I stayed up for as long as possible but nothing. Not a sound. This went on for nearly a week. I began to wonder if they ever had sex. I slept on ths floor and had a great view of their bed, and my head was usually below the covers. This meant that I would find a place to peep. However, with the light off, I wouldn't have been able to see a thing. The first night they did it, they waited until around 1am. It was a Friday night. I heard gentles shuffling and moans, and at one point I heard my Mum say I would hear them. My Dad said "he is sleeping, don't worry". I must say when they got going, the sounds alone made me ***. I saw nothing though, but the next night I told Mum and Dad to leave the lamp on as I found it hard to sleep without it.
The next day it happened. I kept watching and I saw my Dad gentles fondle my mother. He then leaned in to kiss her. They did that for a little time. My Dad was caressing her ****, but she was still wearing her night clothes. He pulled off the bedsheet and I could see my mother writhing and moaning. She then said "he will hear, and see". My dad then said something that totally turned me on he told her "let him, let him see what a ***** you are". She moaned even harder as he carressed her stomach and kissed her. She said no. He gave her a light slap across the face. He then took her shalwar (bottom trouser) off. He threw it on the floor. He moved down and bit her thigh. She was moaning like a ***** by that point. This really happened. He then told her to go down on him. She crouched down, and he asked her to remove his shorts with her teeth, which she did. I she sucked his engorged penis. She looked towards me. He twisted her head and puched it down. The light in the room was pretty good. I actually **********. It spoiled the mood, but they went on for a while. As her mouth was between his legs, her *** was up in the air. Though it was still covered by her kameez (top). She sucked him for a while. It was exciting to watch as I was not that aware of oral sex. Eventually he pulled her hair and she moved back up. They started to kiss again. He laid her down on her stomach and he pulled off her kameez. I now saw that my mother was wearing suspenders and stockings and black panties. She was also wearing a black vest which my Dad removed. I then saw that she was not waering a bra but as she was lying on her stomach, I ddid not see her breasts. She tried to cover her with a blanket, but he pulled it back off. He then got on his knees, and started lickong her back. She was moaning. My Dad licked her for a while. Again, she said, "he will see", and he said, "it doesn't matter". He pulled off her panties, and her butt was bare. She onviously did not like the idea of her revealing so much with the light on, and me in the room. She said, "he will see". I remember seeing my mothers's ***** and ******* for the first time. My dad took his thumb and stuck it up her ***, and she made a panting sound. He replied to her "don't say it again. If he sees you, he will". He then lay on top of her back licking her neck and rubbing his **** over butt crack. I was getting aroused again. He then turned her over and I saw her breasts. She had big nipples and he started touching them and then licked and sucked them, as she moaned. He then unhooked her suspenders and removed her stockings. He lay on top of her. He put his **** inside her, and she made a sound I will never forget. It was a sound of total submission. A cross between pain and pleasure. He thrust her hard and she moaned. She put her hand on her mouth. He removed it. He went on like that for a while and he eventually withdrew, he bent her over on all fours and entered from behind, maybe even anally because I remember her moans were more intense. He rammed her for a good twenty minutes or so and I was looking at my mother's bouncing breasts. My Dad was telling her stuff, like"I should get some other guy's and get them to f.uck you as I watch". At first I thought he was being cruel but then I realised she was getting off on it. My Dad told her that he wanted to switch on his videocamera and film her and show the film to her brother's when they visited. She was very excited. He then withdrew and licked her br.easts and p.ussy, which eventually lead her to climax and then Dad made her lie on her back and he continued to **** her. He got her out of the bed and made her stand up. At first she refused and he told her to "just do it" He made her kneel on the floor, just by my bed.She performed ******** and he put his toes in her cu.nt. I ma.sturbated and ejaculat.ed. After they were done, they hugged, kissed, laughed. The moment that followed was avery loving one. At that point I saw them differently. My Dad was teasing her to get her in the mood before. This tender moment showed how much they cared about each other.
It is a true story but I don't think I did anything wrong by seeing them really. I was curious and no one was harmed. i hope people enjoyed reading this story.

Update - I spoke to my Dad about that night. He laughed it off, and then said I must have learned something, and said "that is why I told your Mum not to let you sleep in the room." He then joked, and said, "next time just watch us on Skype". I am not sure if he was joking because if he was not, I would love to see them again, and maybe even help my Dad **** her. After all, there are a few holes in a woman and she may be game. Maybe there will be more to add here, especially since my Dad told me he films his wife with his phone every night. The videos are on his phone but he said I can't see them. Oh well, I think the world of the voyeur is a fun one.
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I really enjoyed this and would like to hear more, but it was very long.

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