Saw My Mom Getting ******

It has taken me much courage to share this incident and I hope people in this group understand my situation. I had never thought that I would ever see another side of my mom whom I thought I knew completely. I am also quite surprised that even though there are so many members in this group, there are few stories shared. I think it would be nice if we all share our experience.

I am 18 year old guy living with my parents. My mom is 42 and my dad is 47. My dad works in a multinational oil company and has to stay on location frequently. My mom Diane is a housewife and we live in Chicago. I don't want to give more details about our family here, feel free to private message me for details.

I had never thought of her sexually but even for her age, she is kind of hot. She works out in the gym and has big boobs and a medium size waist. I have seen guys stare at her **** and *** many times when at the mall or store. In short, she liked the attention but never welcomed any move by other men. All her close friends are also females.

Her sister Mary was a nurse and she and her husband Andy live in New york. Mary is a teacher and Andy is a consultant. I had caught Andy checking out Diane earlier but neither had he made any moves not had she flirted with him in the past.

It started when Andy had an assignment in Chicago and had to move here for three months. Mary couldn't move because the school was in session. Being a nice woman, mom asked Andy to stay at our house for his assignment. My dad had just finished his assignment and was also living with us.

I still remember that day like it was just yesterday. I had just woken up in the morning and had barely opened the door to go to the bathroom when I saw them. Andy had taken a shower and came out with the towel around him. Mom was talking to him. For some reason I decided to wait because I had morning wood and didn't want to go outside with a *****.

"Breakfast is ready"
"Whats the hurry Diane, I am still sleepy"
"Ha you just took a shower ..... OH MY GOD!!!!!"
He towel slipped and his giant **** was hanging there right in front of my mom. She tried to look away but couldn't.
"You like that?"
"No... god thats huge.. I gtg" and she went downstairs.
I decided to stay in my room and listen to some music. I wake up later and dont have breakfast so they didn't bother waking me up.
Later when she was done taking a shower, Andy stalled her at the door and said
"You know whats also huge? You boobs. Let me have a look"
"Get away you horny animal"
"Oh come on, its not fair. You've seen me naked now return the favor"
To my surprise she untucked her towel and let him have a long look at her nude body.

At night my dad said that he needs to go back as there is some problem with the previous work and he needs to rectify it. I caught Andy as he winked at my mom. She looked away but was blushed. Thats when I and Andy both knew that she was down for some ******* after dad leaves.

I came back from playing soccer one day and saw loud moans coming from her bedroom.
"You like it *****?" Smack "You like my ****? You filthy cheating *****"
"Aaah yes **** me harder **** me deeper....."
I tip toed upstairs to the bedroom and peeped in, they were facing the other side and he was ******* the crap of of her doggystyle. He had her hair pulled with one hand and with the other he fondled he boob and smacked her ***. She was fully enjoying the pleasure and was in rhythm with his body enjoying his ****. They later turned to change positions and I hid myself. I could only hear them but it seemed like she was riding him and then she gave him a *******.

There is nothing else to share. That was how I caught my mom getting ******. Inbox me if you would like to talk more about her.
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I had a similar experience. One which I tried to tell in as detailed a manner as possible.

If anyone else would like to talk about their mom or spanking their mom or about mine, send me an inbox.

I'm not typically a judgy person but on what planet could this be hot or good is anyone even considering the emotionally pain the father could be put through not to mention a mother is supposed to be a role model not naked with every guy just because he's big down there

Dude that's amazing, your lucky bro.

wow soooooooooooo hot lucky boy add me please

Dude beat him up or tell your dad

Thank you though I don't recommend violence

I'm sorry dude

Very nice indeed;-)