Mom ****** My Dads Friend

this happened 2 yrs back when i was 16...we had gone on a vacation(mom me and dad) with his friend and his wife to GOA..we were staying in a hotel( we had connecting rooms) and since it was new years eve,the hotel had organized a suggested that me dad and his friends wife should go to the party to go and get a table for all of us since we three were ready and both of them were still dressing up in their rooms..we went downstairs and after reserving the table i realised i had forgot my mobile upstairs i came back to my room....and i heard both of them talking...i only heard just a word or "not now and wait"...i knocked the door...she opened the door after 5-7 mins...i entered picked up my phone i could not see dads friend in the room and the connecting door was closed from his room...i became suspicious something was surely wrong after 10-15 mins we three(mom me and dads friend) moved together to the party

He and dad drank alot that night...after the party ended around 2 we came back to our rooms.we came to our room and his friend went with his wife to his crashed on the bed without even changing his clothes...i also went to bed and pretended that i was sleeping...i knew that she was on her phone texting someone because i could see the phones light...after half an hour or so my mom went to the connecting door and opened it from our side of the room and there he was standing(he probably texted her to open the door) both of them went inside the bathroom of our room...since the room was quite dark i could easily see them going to the bathroom but there was no chance the could see hear started pounding...and i was sure that today was the night....after 10-15 mins i tip toed to the bathroom...the bathroom door was a sliding and they had not locked it from inside...and it was slightly open(enough to see inside)

i saw him sitting on the toilet sit and mom sitting on him topless and they were smooching like crazy...his hands running through moms back..he opened the hook and removed her black bra..after 10-15 mins he picked up mom and they both went inside the spread her legs and i saw his black **** disappear inside her vagina...they ****** for while and then he started playing with her breasts...and after a while he started ******* her in the missionary position...i saw this for aboy 20 mins and then i tip toed back to bed

ps-feel free to inbox if u want to know anything more or  waana see a  picture of hers...ready to answer any questions :)
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show pics pls and upload detailed story

I want to see pics badly.. Plz

Add me, I would love to see her pics, hope they are naked, please friend me, cant wait to see her

add me please so hot

Missionary in the bathtub? That must have been a big bath!

I want to see pictures Please :D

How did you feel seeing your mum getting some from some other guy? plus they wer both married

Did they notice you were there?