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Sleeping Late

It was summer time, my dad was on a business trip, so mom and I would sleep late since no classes to worry about. In the summer when my dad was out of town, mom seemed more apt to sleep in the nude, walk around her room with the door open naked, walk thru the house to the laudry room naked. I tried to do my best to be in the area to be able to see her when she was on prance.
 She was sleeping nude one morning, I had gotten up went in to see if she had woke up yet, and she had kicked the covers off, and was laying on her back with her legs spread, I was just mesmorized, and she was still asleep (or at least here eyes appeared to be closed) so I just stood there quiet and was soaking in her naked beauty. I was getting hard as a rock looking at her hard nipples (due to the a/c blowing) and her wispy bush, and the puffy pink lips.  I took in all I could stand, and snuck off to the bathroom to unload my ***, I hit the wall I was so excited.
slowhanddan69 slowhanddan69 41-45, M 4 Responses Jul 2, 2010

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That was an exciting experience. I remember the first time I saw my mom nude, also a great experience. Thanks for sharing.

thanx for sharing.

do you think she was hoping to catch you looking at her? Maybe she wanted to fool around with you but didn't know how to gauge your interest without possibly shocking you and getting labeled a child molester, etc

I agree!