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Watching Mom Bath

I was able to watch all the members of my family bath, my dad was renovating the bathroom he had just a pipe going through the wall for a water inlet.
the other side of the wall had an access panel to be able to get to the plumbing. This was right out side my bedroom door, when ever anyone went to bath I was able to watch it was awsome. The went on for about 3 months, saw my mother every chance I could saw my aunt and future sister inlaw, There was a lot of *** pumped out at that access hole.
hdbiker85 hdbiker85 46-50 7 Responses Feb 5, 2011

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that's gross

Gosh, this was hot. You had a great 3 months.

lots of boys **** over family. Mine was sister...

lucky tie :-)

when i was 15 I used to spy on my mum every sunday when she took her bath. i would climb up onto a basket and peer over the door. i was always amazed at how big her **** were. round the house she would wear loose clothing so the first time I had no idea..i would **** watching her wash those melons and shoot over the door.

I too have watched my mom while she was bathing, its so arousing to see her all wet

That is awsome.

That is awsome.