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Mom's ****

When I was 20, I was obsessed with my mom's ****. I once saw her working in the garden with a low neck shirt. She was on her knees, bending down in an attempt to pull a weed. Her **** were bouncing, oh she looked so beautifu.l I even saw her nipples, they were brown and so errect. Since then I would always dream of touching her beautiful body especially her breasts. One day I went to my friend's house and I was supposed to stay there till evening, but I returned home as the plan changed. My mom was alone and did not expect me to return. She was in her bathroom with no clothes on. I wanted to to have a bath too when I returnded home, I opened the door and she was shocked. The moment I saw her, I got so hard, she saw my erection. She felt shy but she knew how much I was admiring her. I asker her if I could touch them and she agreed. Her boobs were so big and beautiful. I fondled them and then started sucking on them. She got so horny and was enjoying every bit of my touch. After that incident, she let me do this once in 2-3 months. Today I am married and have a beautiful wife, I have not seen my mom naked since then. I have seen so many naked women on the internet, but I still think my mom is the most beautiful.
7goodday 7goodday 31-35 Jan 21, 2013

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