Brother Showed Me His Wife Sleeping Naked

My brother and I have always been close to include sharing pictures of our wives naked. One time whe they were visiting he asked me to come help him with something while he was packing, I just needed to be quite because his wife was sleeping. I went into the room and there on the bed was his wife, sound asleep, totally naked and uncovered. He said to be quite but she is a very sound sleeper. He reached down and played with her breast and sucked on her nipple. Before I knew it I was stroking my **** through my boxer and getting very wet. After a few minutes we left and that was the end of it.
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2 Responses Nov 13, 2010

He did suggest it but we were afraid to wake her up. We have talked about it but he said we'd have to be out at a bar and she'd have to be drunk. Apparently she has done that a few times before and that is exactly how it happened each time. So next time they visit we are going to go to a bar "just to hang out" (and get her good and drunk lol).

wonder if he would have liked for you to suck the other ***!