Voyeur And Exhibitionism Story About A Former Female Roommate

About 10 years ago, when I lived with female roomate(s) I had many exhibitionist / voyeur encounters. Here's one of the first with the first female roomate I lived with.

There was a couple who I had met briefly, I knew the guy from a college class. They decided to separate and she was moving out of their place into this new place with me. I had a girlfriend as well so everything was safe. My gf had her own place and visited rarely.
My roomie was a redhead w. thick hair, brown eyes, in shape, average height and with a little thickness to support her huge breasts. I'll call her Lana.
She had started to date other guys and seemed to be having fun meeting new men as soon as we moved in together.
This new apartment was a 2nd floor flat above a doctors office. At night they were closed so it was like the place was ours totally.
We had started to spend time making dinners together, drinking and hanging out a bit here and there when she wasn't out with other guys. I noticed her last boyfriend wasnt around anymore and she said she wasn't enjoying him anymore. So now she was single again.

Occasionally I would walk around in the mornings in my boxers and tank top etc and we had discussed that that would be fine.
My room was by the kitchen with 2 doorways that didnt have actual doors. It was an older home so I think my room was probably the old dining room and the doors were gone years ago. Her room was beside mine and when she went to the kitchen she had to walk by both of my bedroom doorways. One of my doorways had a clear view directly into the kitchen. So she could also see right into my bedroom and I actually setup my bed for this reason. From the kitchen she would be getting breakfast and I could pretend to be asleep.
After a few days of living together, after my shower, I would head to my room and while getting dressed she saw me a few times from the kitchen, coincidentally.

In the mornings, I would hear her bring her makeup kit out to the kitchen table and sit there for about 10-20 mins. While she did this she would be in perfect view of me in bed. I slept nude and after awhile I started to allow my covers to fall off to the side when I heard her in the kitchen. She never said anthing about this or told me to get a door, lol. I even became more bold and would get so excited under the sheet, at the thought of her seeing me, I would become fully erect. At first I would just move and allow her to see me fully without my hands touching, then after a few mornings of that, I began to rub my hands up and down and move a lot more knowing I had an audience. She would stay at the table in the kitchen watching and waited until I covered up again or rolled over.

Her bedroom had a door that wasnt useable that lead to the bathroom, one that led to my room and one that she used regularly. During her shower one day I kinda knew how long she'd be so I sneaked into her room over to the non-used door in her room to peek into the bathroom. The keyholes were massive! so when the shower-ended I could have a quick peek. I looked quietly and had to remain very still because i didnt want to be caught in her room on the hardwood creaky floors. she pulled the shower curtain away and I saw her totally. Nicely waxed/shaven clean ***** about 5 feet away from the door. I saw all of her, massive boobs w big pink nipples. Not my kind of taste but a smoking body, very pinkish white skin and her butt was red from the heat of the shower, I'll never forget that view! the music was going so I quickly went back to my room with the memory! ;o)

A few more stories to follow as our friendship developed!
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sounds very very erotic !

Oh...thats a well described well written....story....this aroused me a lot....by fantasyzing such encounter with me....keep it up...

I am looking for more too

great story, lets hear more!

Awesome! Can't wait to read it all!!

Yes of course!....I need to add more of the details over the next 4 months of us living together! Sorry...but I gotta type it all up

This is the first story I've read, but did she ever start showing off back?