Saw Sister In Law Fingering

Sister in law stays with us every wekk for a few nights due to her job. Her bedroom is opposite ours and from our bed I can see across to her door which if it is open I can see to where she lays in bed. At first she would always keep door closed but as time went on she would leave it open at just ebnough thet I could see through from our bed to hers.
Wife was sleeping next to me one night and I was looking across to her room. Watched as she undressed and I could feel my cc oc kk getting hard......She started to rub some cream into her body and took her time around her ttt i ts and her cc u nn t. Then I could see that she was rubbing her c li t. By now I was rock hard. My wife stirred and I put her hand on my cc o ck.....she duly started to rub it as I watched sister in law fingering her c li t and then lay on bed and finger right up her cc u nn t........wife wa n k ed me off and I *** over her face ...That was first time ...have seen her doing loads of things since.....
she has falled asleep on our sofa in her nightie and wife has gone to bed and I have been able to get down close enough to smell her c u n tt while w an k ing right up close to her. She caught me once with my hard cco ck in my hand and smiled. I think she knows I w an k over her and is always very very very nice to me lol
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Love to hear more

Wife's brother's wife.......

Very hot to have you wife stroke you off while watching your SIL!

Nice story,

Love to hear more stories about them love those family stories.

since that story which happened ages ago now she has done lots with me ....

She wants you!!! Take her!!

Sounds like a nice sister-in-law. Lucky stiff

Maybe she wants more then just you to see, she probably wants a good *******!

I let her see my cc oc k as often as poss and love it when I am hard and she see's

Maybe she wants to see more of you

sweet sister-in-law!