First Time Seeing Her Fully Naked.

Before i tell the story, let me get a few things straight. At the time, my sister was 17.5 and i was 17. my sister was in the process of become a nudist. i had not seen her **** or vigina before but i had seen her in panties and bra / a bikini. my parents had already left for work and my other sis was out of town. Lastly, when ever i slept my door was closed and when i was up the door was open to my room.

So one morning i got up and had to take a pee. Unconsciously, i close my bedroom door behind me and wander in to the bathroom but dont close the door all the way. my sister had waken up by now and was walking past my door. she always sleeps with a bra and panties on, but when she saw my door closed she took off her bra - she hates her bra. anyway, i was in the middle of taking a pee and she comes barging in. she walks over to me and says, " i have to go. move over. not taking my eyes off her ****, i say, " i was her first." i motion towards my penis," cant you see."

With out taking her eyes off my penis she says " it is too small to see, even though its in a full ***** because you havent taken your eyes off my ****. " I reply , " well your **** are 6 inches from my face. what do you expect?" she replies " well i thought you saw Kelly's **** when you were dating her. she said that you were at her pool when her bikini fell off. " i reply "she was lying i didn't see her ****." to my surprise, she pulls down her panties and says, " i got to go. move over. " i stand there with urine dripping from my ****. "i was here first " i say again. after thinking she says, "im not going to go to moms bathroom, im naked." i reply " well im the only one home, and i've seen your vigina and **** pretty well. after the urine stops dripping from my **** i move over to go to the sink. she sits down quickly and pees right away.

my sister and I were never fully naked together again, but things weren't as tense. We used to share a room for 1/2 years after that, and she would remove her shirt, put on a different shirt, then change her panties in front of me. I used to change underwear with her in the room. we saw each other half nude alot but it didn't really matter to us.
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you should have tried to bang her really good. if my sister looked that good, i sure as heck would have tried to bang her really good and hard as often as i could have.

No you wouldn't because you too have a small ****

it could of been a half sister tp74


Is it possible to have a sister, 6 months different in age?

Highly unlikely, you would probably have to take birth enhancers, this is just a TROLL story.!XD