My Sister Masturbates And Gives Me Head

Every summer my family (my mom, dad, sister, and I) travels to a secluded lake house and spends about 5 weeks there. We've been doing this for the past 5 years, ever since my sister and I were 11. For the 5 weeks, the only thing we do is relax. We swim in the lake, build tree houses, and take a break from the stressful school year.
I never really noticed how sexy my sister was until we were 14. We were swimming in the lake, just fooling around, when she said she forgot her camera in her room, so she started to swim to the shore. When she got there she stood up, and I instantly got hard. The *** part of her skimpy bikini had ridden up her asscrack, giving me a nice view of her peachy ***. She quickly fixed it and ran into the house.
I felt a little guilty about that, she was my sister, but my raging hormones overcame the guilt and I instead fantasized about her naked. When she came back I had a completely different view of her. She wasn't the funny, loving sister anymore. She was a sexy, seductive woman. Ever since that day I have always *********** to either a fantasy of me and her or sniffing and licking her soiled panties.
Anyways, back to the present. In the lake house my sister had just gotten back from swimming and I had just finished building a treehouse. She had gotten home first, so she was in the shower and I had to wait. When she was done I stepped into the shower and washed off. I got dressed in boxers and a shirt and walked out of the bathroom. As I passed my sister's bedroom, I noticed the door was slightly ajar. Powered by crazy hormones I quietly opened the door and stepped inside. What I saw was magnificent.
My sister was lying on her bed, her strawberry blonde hair still damp from the shower thrown over her shoulder. She was completely naked and was busy working her fingers in and out of her dripping wet *****
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And you didn't get any pix? Send pix please

A great, hot, fun, sexy, erotic story!

Thank you for sharing it!

Nice as far as it went, but what happened to the rest of the story? The story ended before you got to her giving you head..........................

oh my god. how erotic! You should **** your sister.

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What an awsome story.My sister & I started when we were very young also.Didn't no about forplay since we were so young to.We found that out later when we got a little older.She loves sucking my **** even today as ,well as me sucking on her ***** as well.

There has to be more.

What a great story! I would love to watch my sisters being nude and pleasuring themselves!

I like to watch my sisters play with them selves too. When they pump hard to c*m its the best.