... And Returned The Favor!

It was 4th of July and rather than staying home alone I went to my sister's house which is only about an hour away to celebrate.

My sister is divorced with two kids and a boyfriend. Now, I've seen my sister naked many times when we were kids, and we even played around a bit as kids during our maturing years - innocent kids stuff - so this was not totally weird. Yet it had been since we were kids that we had viewed each other naked, so a long time and lots has changed on both of us.

My sister is attractive mind you, with a height-weight proportional build and smaller breasts – attractive! I arrived after work on the 3rd and the partying began! After passing out on the couch, I was woken to go to bed and we all went our separate ways. Wednesday morning I took one of her kids shopping for fireworks, and to get some stuff for the party we were going to. My sister and her boyfriend took care of the shopping for her other child. When we got back to my sister’s house, boyfriend was gone and sister was nowhere to be found. While her child was getting ready, I was walking around the house and as I passed my sister’s bedroom (with door open not expecting anyone home); there stood my sister having just stepped out of the shower.

Her first reaction was to place her arm over her breasts, but she was totally exposed and with the rest of her body showing she quickly accepted there is no use trying to hide. I gazed, not looking away, and simply said to her “Wow, you look really nice” as I nodded my head up and down. Her breasts were just like I remembered, not showing her age nor the two kids she had raised, and her ***** was graced with a beautiful patch of auburn pubic hair. She really was beautiful, and I felt a strange jolt through my body as I took it all in and then turned to go about my business. I know she has been nude on public beaches in Europe and the Caribbean before, so nudity was not an issue with her, but being “caught” by her little brother I think was something she was not expecting.

We didn’t mention anything about it all day, though I was really looking forward to the end of the party we were attending as in years past it had turned into a skinny-dip funfest. My sister had told me I would have a wild time, and I was really looking forward to it. The party came and went, and being on a Wednesday quickly fizzled after the fireworks and none of the so highly anticipated festivities were realized. We got back to her house, and her boyfriend left to go back to his house as he had to work the next morning. Her kids were gone for the night, so we sat down to watch a movie.  My sister had put on some thin pajamas, so before starting the second movie I went to put on something more "comfortable" as well – my silk boxers that are semi-transparent. We continued watching TV as I moved around trying my best to give her an innocent peak of my **** through the leg of my boxer shorts – she didn’t appear overly interested, but did glance down a few times. As we went to bed, my sister offered me the use of her shower in the morning rather than using the tub in the kids’ bathroom. I tossed and turned, dreaming naughty things all night in anticipation of my morning shower.

When I awoke early the next morning (I had to go to work as well) I was bold, confident, and determined. I don’t sleep in clothes, so I gathered my things and walked naked through the house and into my sister’s bedroom. She was asleep, or at least appeared asleep. I stopped to brush my teeth before showering, and took my time standing naked in clear view of her closed eyes just 10 feet away. I took a long relaxing shower leaving the shower curtain slightly open, and then emerged without a towel still hoping to get “caught”. Again I went back to the sink and shaved, naked, again just 10 feet away. Was she really sleeping through all this? I made one more bold move, and walked over to her bed. Still naked I leaned over and rubbed her back. She opened her eyes slowly, turned, and looked right at me in all my nakedness. I told her I thought it was only fair that she is able to see me as I saw her, and told her thank you for the great visit. She just smiled.

I love you sister – you are the BEST!
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4 Responses Jul 10, 2012

A nice story! Thank you for
sharing it! :)

me an sis were nude all the time an now both married an my daughters are nudist an my sis when she comes over she takes her clotes off an enjoy the visit


great memory of an intimate day. thanks for sharing!

Was you looking for this to turn into something more sexual between you to?? What would you have done if she rolled over took your **** in her hand then into her mouth??